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Presentamos el LG WING™, un smartphone con una pantalla doble única que te ofrece una experiencia extraordinaria cada vez que lo usas. Usa 2 aplicaciones a la vez en la pantalla doble y lleva las multitareas a un nuevo nivel. Con el modo Swivel que te ofrece dos pantallas separadas, puedes navegar por Internet, chatear o buscar lo que necesites en la pantalla secundaria, mientras vez videos en la principal en modo de pantalla completa. El sistema triple de cámara trasera está equipado con una cámara principal de 64 MP y 2 lentes ultra gran angular para capturar todo lo que ves. Con una batería grande y mucho espacio de almacenamiento, puedes tener todas tus aplicaciones favoritas y contenido en un solo lugar. Y para quienes quieren un control manos libres, este dispositivo es compatible con múltiples sistemas de comando de voz, que incluyen el Asistente de Google y Alexa. Experimenta todo lo que el LG WING tiene para ofrecer. Verizon, ahora con la cobertura de 5G Nationwide y el rendimiento incomparable de 5G Ultra Wideband.¹

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Second Time a Charm

Abbysum1 - Hace 9 horas

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

My first Wing failed after 6 weeks so LG sent me a replacement. I've waited before reviewing again. This phone has worked very well. Its processer isn't the top of the line, But it's plenty fast. I've noticed so ill effects from it. Games play easily and without effort. The camera is the best I've ever had. Takes amazing pictures and love the horizontal screen for panoramic pics and videos. The picture in picture mode is great. A lot of camera features, all work well. The speaker for phone calls is great. It's loud enough for me and I suffer from Tinnitus so that's saying something. The speakers also sound good. It's not a dual speakerphone, but the one it has is loud and clear! Bluetooth capability is great. I was hesitant about this phone as I wasn't sure if devices like my car, external speaker, or Bluetooth headset would work. All connect easily and work great. No loss or dropping of signal experienced! I do use the flip screen more than not. It seems gimmicky but it's great for holding while watching videos and many games are easier to play because of it. There really isn't anything I don't like about the phone. Next-generation should have a better processor but this one works fine. Dual speakers would be nice, but other than that, I would buy another one when I re new if this passes the test of time. I'm very pleased with the replacement!

Loving the Wing

Tman62 - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This phone has been a great help both with entertainment, work and everyday life. It helps with watching videos and play games at the same time or playing two games at the same time with out either game pausing or slowing down, this phone powers through any 2 games at once or video and game I have thrown at it. Looking at the calendar a and writing notes, or looking at a spreadsheet and using the calculator or having maps open and texting with out maps pausing. This is certain a different aspect than the software driven dual app that other phones have and the folding screen or bending that other have. It isn't bulky like the tablet sized folding phones are when they are open and it doesn't pause the other app when the second screen is in use. I honestly have dropped this phone almost 8 times now on pavement and the screen has not cracked ( this is my person experience ). After almost 6 moths plus of using this phone i am learning how i can use it more and more. My own issue with this is what it takes to block phone numbers.

Showy, Useful, and SMART

Jeremy - Hace 9 horas

Running 2 apps simultaneously is AMAZING!! Watching YouTube+texting, Facebook+Firefox at the same time, Waze+Google Maps - it's more helpful than you realize. Gimble mode turns heads everywhere I go. If you really want to stand out in terms of gadgets, this is the phone.

Looks gimmicky surprisingly useful!

Stone2737 - hace 1 mes

I absolutely love my Google phones my 4XL randomly broke I needed a new phone that day and the new Google phones aren't really my cup of tea I saw the wing and i couldn't resist and I honestly find myself flipping it open with thinking about it now if you need to multitask or you're a fan of watching YouTube videos this is the phone for you

It requires great care, but it is an amazing phone!

Francisco - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This phone will not disappoint regarding performance, beautiful screen colors and customization. This phone is also thin and small to put in your pockets! It runs every app I use without problems, it's great multitasking, it keeps apps open on the background if you don't close it and you can have 3 apps on the display at the same time. I enjoy that level of commitment and functionality. You can open any app on the smaller screen, but it won't display perfectly if it is not compatible for that resolution. I like the option to add it is there if needed. The camera and all the video settings work fine so far. The reason why you are interested on this phone is because you love the design and this will limit the amount of cases available. For now, the best phone cover will be one of those with stickies on the back and it is a necessary investment. I avoided getting a phone cover, but the cover helps hold the phone better and you feel better about putting it down on any surface. Screen protector is also a must. I dropped the phone a few times and nothing bad happened, but I did scratched it with my keys before buying the screen protector. The scratch now doesn't look visible and I'm happy about that. I had this phone for more than 10 weeks now and I'm happy with my purchase. Improvements on the next model: Please make the phone case-friendly. It would be better it the phone wouldn't need a case, but the customer needs to feel like we won't drop it.

Thoroughly Surprised!!!!

Firstnamelast85 - Hace más de 3 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Ive always been one that liked to stand out different from the rest, and this phone does just that. This phone is awesome. Not only is the second screen useful , the WING packs every feature any other flagship phone has. LG has always been different...they got this one right!!!

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1. 5G Ultra Wideband disponible solo en ciertos lugares de ciudades selectas. 5G Nationwide disponible en más de 2,700 ciudades.
2. Se requiere descargar la aplicación para Alexa.
3. Los dispositivos adicionales se venden por separado.
4. De acuerdo a la duración promedio de la batería en condiciones de uso normal. Rendimiento promedio esperado con uso típico. La duración real de la batería depende de factores como la red, las funciones seleccionadas, la frecuencia de las llamadas, el uso de datos y otros patrones de uso de aplicaciones. Los resultados pueden variar.
5. Se puede usar hasta 224 GB; la memoria de uso disponible varía según la versión de software y la configuración.