Samsung Galaxy S10e


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El Samsung Galaxy S10e es un teléfono tan poderoso, inteligente e intuitivo como tú. Haz más de lo que te encanta con el Pasacargas Inalámbrico, una batería inteligente que dura todo el día1 y una revolucionaria Cámara Épica, que pone herramientas profesionales a tu alcance. La Pantalla Infinity, de calidad cinematográfica y casi sin bordes, te da una visión más clara y sin interrupciones. El Galaxy S10e, disponible en Prism Black, ahora ofrece nuevas funciones, que incluyen Single Take Camera, AR Zone, Quick Share y Music Share. Aprovecha todo su potencial con Verizon, la red 4G LTE más grande y confiable del país.



169 reseñas


de los críticos recomiendan este producto.

Great upgrade phone!

Jon107 - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S10e to replace my Samsung Galaxy J3V. I was looking at a lot of other phones that were on the market, including the bigger S10 and S10+. Since I already owned lots of Samsung smartphones previously, I wanted to stay in the ecosystem. I didn't want a massive phone, and I didn't like the screen on the regular S10. So, I ended up buying the Samsung Galaxy S10e in the Cardinal Red colorway. Let me tell you, I absolutely love this phone! First, it has a great design and build quality. The phone is slim and lightweight, and made of glass and aluminum. However, that doesn't mean that this phone doesn't have the space for decent hardware. In fact, this phone is wicked powerful and fast. Second, this phone has a great dual camera set-up. I don't take a huge amount of pictures, and I'm not a professional photographer or anything. However when I do take pictures, I'm always extremely pleased the the quality and brightness of the images. Third, this phone serves as a fantastic EDC phone. It's not very big, so it's extremely pocket friendly. I would say that the only real negative factor about this phone is the battery. It has a 3100 maH battery, which is smaller than what's in most phones. I rarely find this to be an issue though, and having Samsung's Intelligent Battery on board is a huge help. Overall, I absolutely love this phone and recommend it to anyone who wants a smaller, more affordable powerhouse in your pocket.

I love it!

AmyG - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

This phone is amazing. It loads everything so much faster than any other phone I've had. It's a perfect size and the battery life is amazing. I see a lot of complaints about bixby, but in the two years of having the phone she's never spoke to me. I simply never set it up. Pressing the bixby button does nothing so she has never annoyed me. Not to mention it still has a headphone jack so a definite plus. Definitely recommend!

Awesome Phone!

mparks - Hace más de 3 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I purchased this phone to replace my Galaxy S7 on which the battery had started to decline considerably. I would have 50% battery remaining when I went to bed and the next morning my S7 would be dead. So after a good deal of research I picked the Galaxy S10e for a replacement. I loved my S7 and wanted to keep the overall size the same as possible so I picked the smaller of the S10 devices. The main things I was looking for were size, performance, camera quality, and battery life. So I have to say after two weeks I'm blown away by this new phone! The performance is amazing when I speak to Google it responds almost instantly compared with my S7. The battery life is the best I've seen so far in a long line of smartphones I've owned over the years. While I'm writing this review my new phone has been on battery for 3 days (72 hours) and still has a few more hours to go before needing a recharge! I never dreamed I would get this level of battery performance! I've been testing the camera and it's very good...somewhat better than the camera on my S7 (IMHO) but not amazingly better. The S7 camera is very good too! I've added an SD card for storage and so combined with the 128 GB of internal storage I have more storage than I've ever had in a phone. I'm very pleased with the S10e and so happy I made the decision to upgrade!

Respuesta de Samsung - Hace más de 5 meses

Quality is what we strive for mparks! Glad you appreciate our work and for joining the Samsung family. ^Kayla Samsung

Best phone available right now

teecee - Hace más de 3 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I wish they made more phones like this. A flagship that isn't enormous or ridiculously expensive. I love the size, the cameras, and just the overall experience. Still has a headphone jack and a fingerprint reader. Excellent phone, can't recommend enough!

Respuesta de Samsung - Hace más de 5 meses

That's wonderful to hear, teecee! We're so glad that you're enjoying your Galaxy S10e. Thank you for choosing Samsung. ^Kayla Samsung

Happy customer

Prof - Hace más de 3 meses

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I bought the Galaxy S10e to replace my Galaxy S4. What a difference 6 years make! The storage capacity, screen display, numerous customization features, operational smoothness, battery life, voice quality and overall quality are awesome. I do not understand why some reviewers have had such difficult experiences with their devices. My experience has been extremely positive.

FINALLY!!! An awesome phone!

Kiki - hace 1 mes

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I have been through a quite few cell phones since they have come out. This one by far is my absolute favorite! It is the perfect size for my little hands, even with a kind of chunky case it is still not that big. It runs fast (even after 2 years!), it has just enough storage space that I have never run out of room yet (yes, I upload my photo's to a cloud but even if I hadn't after 2,000 I still had space on the phone including apps!), it does not get hot even after long use nor has it ever crashed. Every so often an app or 2 may crash but that is so rare, it does not phase me. The only negative thing I can come up with is I cannot DELETE the Bixby app. Yes, I know I can disable it but I want to DELETE it forever. Even if I Disable it, then for some reason it still needs access to my location and calling, etc?!?! it really doesn't!!!! That is the only thing I have found on the phone I do not like at all.

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Samsung S10e - Negro

Samsung Galaxy S10e



Por 24 meses, 0% APR

Vida útil de la batería

Hasta 33.93 horas de tiempo de uso


FHD+ de 5.8", Super AMOLED, 438 PPI


169 reseñas


128 GB o 256 GB (sujeto a disponibilidad)

Cámara trasera

Cámara de 10 MP


samsung galaxy s20-5g uw gris 05142020

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW



Por 30 meses, 0% APR


Hasta 25 horas de tiempo de uso


WQHD+ Super AMOLED de 6.2", 563 ppi, Gorilla Glass 6


116 reseñas


RAM de 8 GB LPDDR5 + UFS de 128 GB 3.0 


Cámara de 10 MP AF F2.2


1 Según la duración promedio de la batería en condiciones de uso normal. Rendimiento promedio esperado con uso típico. La duración real de la batería depende de factores tales como la red, las funciones seleccionadas, la frecuencia de las llamadas, el uso de datos y otros patrones de uso de aplicaciones. Los resultados pueden variar.
2 Funciona con dispositivos Samsung compatibles con Qi (no se garantiza la compatibilidad con dispositivos que no sean de Samsung habilitados para Qi); la velocidad y la eficiencia de carga de energía varían según el dispositivo.
3 Single Take permite capturar imágenes y videos de hasta 10 segundos.
4 La apertura dual es compatible con el modo F1.5 y F2.4. La apertura dual es compatible con la cámara trasera principal.
5 La tarjeta de memoria se vende por separado.