Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G


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Presentamos el Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, un smartphone del futuro para quienes quieren destacarse del resto. Obtén una verdadera experiencia 2 en 1 con un smartphone de bolsillo de 6.2" que se convierte en una tablet de 7.6" al desplegarse.1 La pantalla de la cubierta ofrece visualización de borde a borde, mientras que la pantalla principal cautiva con gráficos fluidos y una frecuencia de actualización adaptativa de 120 Hz. Ya sea que trabajes sobre la marcha o en la pantalla grande desplegada, el diseño ergonómico lo hace cómodo de tener en la mano sin importar cómo lo sostengas. Y con el revolucionario modo Hideaway Hinge y Flex, puedes tomar una foto, grabar un video o ver todo tu contenido favorito desde cualquier ángulo con manos libres. Wireless DeX,2 la batería de larga duración3 y las funciones potentes como App Continuity4 y Multi-Active Window5 maximizan la productividad y los juegos. Experimenta todo lo que te ofrece el Galaxy Z Fold2 5G. Verizon, ahora con la cobertura de 5G Nationwide y el rendimiento incomparable de 5G Ultra Wideband.9


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Excellent - If You're OK With The Differences

ZAGG Shield user - hace 1 día

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've put MY HISTORY at bottom of this review if you want to know where I'm coming from and how I'm able to make these comparisons. SO - EXCELLENT PHONE, BUT HERE ARE THE QUIRKS FIRST..... THE UGLY : 1. CASE PROTECTOR - Thick & cumbersome. - You * need * it bcz eventually your cell will drop. This is a heavy phone... which might explain why the case protector is SO thick. Add it to both sides of the cell, and you've got a whopper. It ALSO gets in the way of typing on the front panel because the front screen is sooo thin to begin with. I'm 5'2" at 116 lbs, and my little fingers hit-up against the case side to get the letters on the left. - My Fix : I keep the back on permanently & pop the top on the front only when I'm moving around / traveling. 2. SCREEN PROTECTOR - IT COMES WITH ON * ALL * SCREENS !! (PLUS) BUUUT I've read the * front * single panel protector that comes with the purchase of this Galaxy Z Fold2 is cheap .... and scratches easily. - My fix : ZAGG. I bought to be ready for replacement... and FYI watch a video before you use; this design is reeaally complicated to apply!!! Makes sense post video. There is at least 1 other brand too. . . . . ----------------> THERE ARE CAMERA LENS PROTECTORS TOO ON AMAZON AND THE LIKE -- It's worth buying that company's package to just use the part that protects your lenses' glass on the back of this phone. 3. CREASE ON INNER SCREEN - FYI. In order to fold, the inner screen will reflect a crease line even when fully opened. SEE MY OPENED CELL PIX. Not bad, and disappears with most angles, color.. Just a heads-up as I haven't seen anyone mention this. - My Fix : Live with it!! THE BAD : 1. FINGERPRINT LOCK EXTREMELY * DIFFICULT * WITH CASE PROTECTOR - The case protector is SO thick and bulky I can barely get my slim little fingers detected for fingerprinting lock with the TOP CASE HALF OFF ... and nearly impossible with it on and closed. 2. PLUG-IN IS DIFFERENT // WIDER - And the new cord that comes with the phone does * not * have a USB side !!!!! BOTH ends of the actual cord are the new, wider plug.. gggrrrr. - The Fix : I'm hoping the car charger for this phone has a USB side to the cord so I can use aaalll of my older Samsung charging plugs -- and those of strangers if need be. That will be my next purchase inquiry. 3. THIN FRONT SCREEN - Cut-out a cardboard to see how these dimensions fit in your hand ... taking into account the THICKNESS of the phone (which will include a thick clear case cover). That means the KEYBOARD is also sizeably smaller. I have small hands and fingers so I don't mind. . Just FYI if you're going to be using the front more than the beautifully wide inside. THE (REEEAALLY REEEAALLY) GOOD : 1. EVERYTHING LISTED IN THE STATS - GB (256+12!!!!) etc.. it's all true. 2. LOOONG BATTERY - I spent all day updating, going online, catching-up with IG and you name it, and went to bed with 34% left .. woke up to 26% left post idle night. Magnificent. My Galaxy S7 would have yo be charged 4-5 times in the day (after 5 yrs usage) and would die if left idle overnight. 3. CAMERA - As my dad would say WOW-WEE-WWOOWW-WA !!!! EXCELLENT. . . Shoots on * all sides * closed, and opened -- selfies, forward, video in any direction ... Excellent excellent quality. This is worth the price of admission. 4. DOES 5G *** AND *** 4G - !!!!!!!!!! 5. BRONZE IS * ROSE * TINTED. Just like silver and gold, bronze as you know has a wide range of shades. This phone as you can see from my pix actually leans to rose tints. FYI. 6. TRANSFER DOABLE WITH FREE VERIZON CLOUD OFFER. I was horrified not having a SIM Card to transfer (my waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7 is welded shut) but the free cloud works nicely!! Watch Verizon video how to first through you log-in account. When in your account type something like "How to transfer from old cell to new." It was not exactly as depicted for me, but the video helped. Then I clicked on Verizon Cloud app on my old cell phone, new member (free for a month or so), and upload. It took all night, and had to keep clicking upload the next day to complete (takes up to 24 hours to upload info onto cloud) .... But AAALLL my apps, contacts, messages, website bookmarks ... Everything made it ! ! ! ! ! And all on my own. Phew......... MY HISTORY WITH VERIZON SAMSUNG - I've had various Verizon Samsung cell phones for nearly 20 years straight now due to each phone lasting a looong time (if carefully picked re: reviews), their layouts being familiar and pleasing to me (it is a bit different than i-Phones, if you didn't know), and their cool options in sizes and looks. Now I have been forced to move on from my sandune metallic colored Samsung Galaxy S7 after 5 years (!!!!) ..... due to battery getting so old it needs to be constantly recharged (4-5 times in a day) and it only has 32 GB plus 4 GB backup... Cells now average 150+ GB... The Galaxy Z Fold2 has 256GB + 12 GB backup !!!!!!!!!!! With all the new apps hogging-up memory, it's become necessary to have a cell with more GB. Now that's what I'm talkin' about!! SoooooooooOOOOOoooooo pleased. SOOOooo love this phone. Wrote this to help in your decisions, as much of the above was not mentioned by anyone.

not thrilled with

holly - hace 1 día

phone gets hot easy and doesnt hold a charge very long

Respuesta de Samsung - Hace más de 2 meses

Hello holly, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would definitely like to look into this matter further for you. Please reach out to us via one of the following options:
1. Facebook Messenger:
2. Twitter:
- Reference ticket number: 1143081013
^Elizabeth Samsung

1. Pantalla medida en diagonal. El área visible real es menor debido a las esquinas redondeadas y a los orificios de la cámara.
2. Wireless DeX requiere Smart TV compatible con Miracast; ambos dispositivos deben estar en la misma red Wi-Fi.
3. De acuerdo a la duración promedio de la batería en condiciones de uso normal. Rendimiento promedio esperado con uso típico. La duración real de la batería depende de factores tales como la red, las funciones seleccionadas, la frecuencia de las llamadas, el uso de datos y otros patrones de uso de aplicaciones. Los resultados pueden variar.
4. App Continuity funciona con ciertas aplicaciones; aplicaciones compatibles que se incorporan de desarrolladores externos.
5. Multi Active Window funciona con ciertas aplicaciones; aplicaciones compatibles que se incorporan de desarrolladores externos. La funcionalidad Arrastrar y soltar funciona con ciertas aplicaciones.
6. Wireless DeX requiere Smart TV compatible con Miracast; ambos dispositivos deben estar en la misma red Wi-Fi.
7 Al usar el cargador y el cable incluidos.
8. Pasacargas Inalámbrico es compatible con la mayoría de los dispositivos compatibles con Qi. Requiere al menos 30% de carga para compartir. La velocidad y la eficiencia de carga de energía varía según el dispositivo. Es posible que no funcione con algunos accesorios, estuches o dispositivos de otros fabricantes. Si tienes problemas para conectarte o la carga es lenta, quita el estuche del dispositivo. Puede afectar la recepción de llamadas o los servicios de datos, dependiendo del entorno de la red.
9. 5G Ultra Wideband disponible solo en ciertos lugares de ciudades selectas. 5G Nationwide disponible en más de 2,700 ciudades.