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Verizon skill for Amazon Alexa

"Alexa, ask Verizon, what's my balance?"

It just got easier to check your bill, make a payment or manage your account. Just ask Verizon using any Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

Introducing Verizon skill for Amazon Alexa

Verizon meets Alexa

With Verizon skill and Amazon Alexa, you can get answers and make the most of your wireless and 5G home services. It's a convenient, hands-free way to check your account. And it's free. Now you can spend more time on the important stuff-and less time searching and clicking.

Quickly check your balance, bill due date, device payoff, and your latest deals. You can also review your usage, order status, plan details and nearby Verizon stores. Verify and add insurance, add international plans, and add-ons-all just using your voice. Manage account settings like paper-free billing and Auto Pay. You can even use the Verizon skill to pay your bill. We'll send you a privacy-protected link to make your secure payment.


Puedes pedirle a Alexa que:

  • Check billing and usage information
  • Check device pay off and promotions
  • Check order status, plan details and device protection/insurance
  • Add International plans and add-ons
  • Find a store and manage account settings
  • Manage 5G Home services

Setting up Verizon skill on Alexa

Can't wait to start using Verizon skill on Amazon Alexa? Here's how:

Option 1: From the My Verizon app

  • Enable: Click here to go to My Verizon app settings page. (Alternately, open the My Verizon app on a mobile device and tap Account. Then tap Edit profile & settings.) On the mobile account settings page, scroll down to find Verizon skill for Amazon Alexa. Then select Enable and link your account.

  • Link your account: If you have the Alexa app installed on your phone, this will open the Alexa app. Otherwise it will open the web browser. Sign in and authorize to link your account.

  • Talk to Alexa: Begin by saying "Alexa, ask Verizon" to any Alexa-enabled device, such as Amazon Echo Dot or Amazon Echo Show, and you're all set.

Option 2: From the Alexa app

  • Enable: Click here to go to the Verizon skill page. Then sign in and select Enable. Another option is to open the Alexa app on a mobile device. On the home screen, select More (lower right), then Skill & Games. Search for "Verizon". Select Enable to use.

  • Link your account: This will either open the My Verizon app or the web browser. Sign in and authorize to link your account.

  • Talk to Alexa: Get started by saying "Alexa, ask Verizon" and you're all set.




Alexa commands for Verizon skill

To do this... Say this...  

Preguntas sobre facturación

Check your balance and due date, your bill cycle and last month's bill. You can even pay your bill.
"Alexa, ask Verizon, what's my bill?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon, when is my bill due?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon to pay my bill."
"Alexa, ask Verizon, when will my bill be generated?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon, what was my last month's bill?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon, what's my bill cycle?"

Administrar cuenta

Check your device pay off amount and upgrade status. Manage settings like Auto Pay and paper-free billing. Modify your payment method, add an account manager and more.
"Alexa, ask Verizon, how much do I owe on my phone?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon to upgrade my device."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to set up Auto Pay."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to opt for paper-free billing."

Alexa, ask Verizon to update my user ID."
"Alexa, ask Verizon to pay off my device."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to add account manager."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to update privacy settings."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to manage account settings."


Check latest Verizon deals and promotions.
"Alexa, ask Verizon about deals." "Alexa, ask Verizon about promotions."

Verifica uso

Check your data, minutes and text usage.
"Alexa, ask Verizon to check usage."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to check my data/minutes/text usage."

Estado del pedido

Check the status of your recent orders. Initiate a return or exchange. Imprime la etiqueta de envío.
"Alexa, ask Verizon, what’s my order status?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon to return my order."
"Alexa, ask Verizon, where is my order?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon to exchange my order."

Device Protection / Insurance

Verify, add and remove device protection options.
"Alexa, ask Verizon, do I have insurance?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon to cancel my insurance."
"Alexa, ask Verizon to add insurance/device protection."

Detalles del plan

Check your domestic plan details.
"Alexa, ask Verizon about my plan details."  

Agregar plan internacional

Check and add International travel and calling plans.
"Alexa, ask Verizon about international plan."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to add international travel plan."
"Alexa, ask Verizon to add international calling plan."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to add TravelPass."

Add add-ons

Check details and add add-ons such as Verizon Cloud, Smart Family, Call Filter and others.
"Alexa, ask Verizon to add Smart Family."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to add Call Filter."
"Alexa, ask Verizon to add Verizon Cloud."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to add Add-ons."

Find a store and contact Verizon

Find nearby Verizon stores, schedule an appointment, or contact support.
"Alexa, ask Verizon to find a store."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to contact support."
"Alexa, ask Verizon to schedule an appointment."

5G Home services

Manage your 5G Home settings, including home and guest Wi-Fi name and Wi-Fi password. Use the Alexa Verizon skill to enable, disable and set up Wi-Fi, check connectivity, check status, reboot the router and check the number of devices connected.
"Alexa, ask Verizon, what is my Wi-Fi name?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon, what is my Wi-Fi password?"

"Alexa, ask Verizon to set up my guest Wi-Fi."

"Alexa, ask Verizon, how many devices are connected to my network?"
"Alexa, ask Verizon to enable my Wi-Fi."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to reboot my router."

"Alexa, ask Verizon to check my router connectivity."

More to come

We will be constantly adding new functionality so check back here often to see what the Verizon skill can do.