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Connected Vehicle App Terms & Conditions

Thank you for using the Connected Vehicle App ("App"). Your use of the Connected Vehicle App) is subject to the following terms and conditions ("Terms"). These Terms are a legally binding agreement between you and Verizon Wireless ("Verizon"). By using the App you accept these Terms, which may be modified by Verizon from time to time as set forth below. When you accept the Terms, you're representing that you are at least 18 years old and legally able to accept these Terms and assume the obligations set forth in these Terms. These Terms contain important information about the App, including our ability to make changes to the App or these Terms, our liability if things don't work as planned, and how any disputes between us must be resolved in arbitration or small claims court.

You must have or create a login with Verizon to access and use all of the features of the App. The App tracks the data usage of your eligible vehicle on Verizon only; it does not track any data usage on any other wireless carrier.

Your use of this App also is subject to all of the applicable terms in your Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement ("Customer Agreement"), including but not limited to terms and fees related to your connected car Wi-Fi service provided by Verizon ("Connected Car Wi-Fi"). The current version of the Customer Agreement can be found at My Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement.

SERVICE: The App provides you with information relating to your current billing cycle or trial period Verizon Wireless usage ("Usage") of Connected Car Wi-Fi for your eligible vehicle. The use of Connected Car Wi-Fi by you or others is subject to Verizon's data use policies, which are available at Data Plans & Features Terms & Conditions.

This App only works with certain vehicles manufactured by original equipment manufacturers ("Service Partners") that incorporate Connected Car Wi-Fi. You must sign in to the App, and may need to provide certain identifiers associated with your eligible vehicle (for example, IMEI or VIN), to enable the services provided by the App. The Usage shall only be displayed via the App for a specific period of time as determined by Verizon, but shall not be less than your current billing cycle or trial period. The Usage displayed is updated on a regular but not realtime basis.

PRIVACY: Accepting these Terms means that you also agree to our Privacy Policy, available at Verizon Privacy Policy, which may be updated from time to time and describes the information we collect, how that information may be used and shared, and the choices you have about certain uses of information.

By using the App, you agree that Verizon may collect the information described above as part of the App.

OUR RIGHTS TO LIMIT, MODIFY, OR CANCEL TERMS OR DISCONTINUE THE APP: We may, in our sole discretion, modify, terminate, or otherwise amend these Terms from time to time with or without notice. Please visit Connected Vehicle apps FAQs for App details. By using the App after a change to these Terms takes effect, you accept that change. If you do not agree with a change to these Terms or for any other reason, you may stop using and/or uninstall the App. If we make any changes to the dispute resolution provision of these Terms, however, these changes will not affect the resolution of any dispute that arose before these changes went into effect. We may cancel these Terms at any time upon 30 days' prior written notice to you. You agree that we are not liable to you for cancellation of these Terms or the discontinuance of the App, unless otherwise expressly provided in these Terms. Upon cancellation of these Terms, you must immediately stop using the App. All provisions of these Terms which by their nature survive cancellation shall survive cancellation of these Terms. We can, without notice, limit, suspend or end your right to use the App for any good cause, including, but not limited to, if you breach these Terms or use the App for any illegal purpose. We also may cease to provide the App, in whole or in part, in our sole discretion or if required by law, rule or regulation, in which case you must immediately stop using the App. If required by law, we will notify you in advance of any such changes.

CANCELLATION OF CONNECTED CAR WI-FI SUBSCRIPTION: The App does not display Usage if you cancel your Connected Car Wi-Fi subscription. You may cancel your Connected Car Wi-Fi subscription by calling Customer Care at 1-800-922-0204.

FORCE MAJEURE EVENTS: Various conditions beyond our control may prevent or delay the proper functioning of the App. These conditions include, for example and without limitation, failure, congestion or outages of utility or wireless networks (including interruption of wireless service); as well as war, acts of God, natural disaster, labor strikes or other acts, forces or causes beyond our or our affiliates' control. We, our affiliates and our Service Partners are not responsible for any App failures, interruptions, delays or impairments due to these causes, and you are not eligible for any credit or refund (whole or partial) as a result (except to the extent otherwise set forth in these Terms).

LIMITS ON YOUR USE OF THE APP: You agree not to use the App or any other service we may offer in any way that is illegal, fraudulent or abusive, including to harass, threaten, abuse, defame, or slander, any individual or entity. Además, aceptas que no amenazarás, acosarás ni usarás lenguaje vulgar y/o inapropiado hacia nuestros representantes de Servicio al Cliente. We and our affiliates provide the App for your non-commercial use only and not for re-sale. Any information you receive through the App is the property of us, our affiliates, or other third parties and may be subject to one or more copyrights, trademarks, service marks, patents, or other legal protections. You may not (or permit or cause any other party to) sell or resell or otherwise use anything we provide you in the App for commercial purposes, nor may you reproduce, copy, modify, make derivative works from or otherwise display or distribute it.

COMMUNICATIONS FROM US AND/OR OUR SERVICE PARTNERS: We and/or our affiliates and Service Partners may communicate with you by providing you with messages through the App, or to the billing, email address, wireless phone number or other contact information for you that we have on file. We and our affiliates may also use your email address to send you emails about products, specials, and promotions, which may or may not be related to the App. From time to time, we may also use your email address, mobile application notifications or mobile device notifications if notifications are enabled on your device, to send information about products, services or offers relating to our offerings or services that we think may be of interest to you. Con tu consentimiento, podemos brindar tu información de contacto a nuestros Socios de servicio, quienes pueden enviarte información sobre productos, servicios u ofertas que puedan interesarte. Cada correo electrónico que recibas de nosotros sobre ofertas incluirá un enlace para cancelar la suscripción a todas las ofertas futuras por correo electrónico por parte nuestra. Please note that even if you choose not to receive marketing emails from us, you may still hear from us regarding the App, your system status and any other App-related issues and order status updates that will allow us to provide you with the optimal user experience.

OWNERSHIP/CONFIDENTIALITY: All information and software provided by us through the App is and will remain our sole and exclusive property. No publicarás, transmitirás, retransmitirás ni reproducirás de otra manera la información o el software en ningún medio. Cualquier violación de esta restricción es una infracción de los derechos de autor o derechos de propiedad de la información y el software. As between you and us, we (and our affiliates and applicable Service Partners) own or license all such information and software and you do not acquire any rights in such information and software, including any right to use or modify the software (other than in the ordinary course of your receipt and use of the App in accordance with these Terms).

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, including to the extent permitted by applicable law, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, about the App. We also do not warrant that the information you receive in the App will be accurate or complete.

Algunos estados o jurisdicciones no permiten la exclusión de ciertas garantías; por lo tanto, algunas de las limitaciones antes mencionadas podrían no aplicarse a tu caso.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: You and we each agree to limit claims against each other for damages or other monetary relief to direct damages. Esta limitación y exención se aplicará independientemente de la teoría de responsabilidad. Esto significa que ninguno de nosotros tratará de recibir compensaciones por daños indirectos, especiales, consecuentes, triplicados o punitivos de la otra parte. You agree we aren't responsible for problems caused by you or others, or by any act of God. Verizon is not responsible for any damages incurred, consequential or otherwise.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These Terms (including the Customer Agreement, Privacy Policy and any other document or policy incorporated by reference into these Terms) are the entire agreement between you and us relating to the App. It supersedes all other agreements, communications or representations, oral or written, between us, past or present, except for these Terms. Except where we've agreed otherwise elsewhere in these Terms, these Terms and any disputes covered by it are governed by federal law and the laws of the State of New York, excluding its conflict of law provisions.

WAIVER/SEVERABILITY: No waiver of any part of these Terms, or of any breach of it, in any one instance will require us to waive any other instance or breach. No term or condition of these Terms is waived and no breach is waived unless that waiver is in writing and signed by the party claimed to have waived. If any part of these Terms is declared invalid or unenforceable, that part may be removed from these Terms. All other parts of these Terms are still valid and enforceable.

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARTIES: Notwithstanding anything else herein, these Terms do not create any fiduciary relationships between you and us.

THIRD-PARTY BENEFICIARIES: You are not a third-party beneficiary of any agreement between you and us and any of our affiliates or Service Partners. None of our affiliates or Service Partners has any legal, equitable, or other liability of any kind to you under these Terms. In contrast, our parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agents, predecessors in interest, successors in interest, and Service Partners are intended beneficiaries of the protections contained in these Terms relating to, among other things, limitations regarding the Service and its use and limitations on liability.

ASSIGNMENT: We can assign these Terms, or any debt you owe us, in whole or in part, to any individual or entity we choose, at any time, without notice to you, in our sole discretion. You cannot assign these Terms (or any portion thereof) without our written consent and any attempted assignment without our written consent is null and void.

ADDITIONAL TERMS APPLICABLE TO IOS USERS: You may only use the App on iOS devices that you own or control, as permitted by the Usage Rules set forth in Apple's App Store Terms of Service. You acknowledge that: (a) Apple Inc. ("Apple") is not responsible in any way for the App, including without limitation for any maintenance or support for the App, and is not a party to these Terms, which are between you and Verizon only; (b) Apple and its subsidiaries are, however, third party beneficiaries of these Terms and shall have the right to enforce these Terms against you in its capacity as a third party beneficiary to these Terms; (c) Apple is not responsible for any claims made by you or a third party regarding the App, including intellectual property infringement claims, or your use or possession of the App, including but not limited to (i) product liability claims, (ii) any claim that the App fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement, (iii) claims arising under consumer protection or similar legislation, or (iv) claims, losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses attributable to any failure of the App to conform to any warranty, express or implied. If the App fails to conform to any warranty, you may notify Apple and Apple may, as your sole and exclusive remedy, refund the amount, if any, that you paid Apple for the App.

Effective date 04/10/24