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Mobile Secure Terms of Service

The Mobile Secure (formerly known as Tech Coach) Terms of Service is a legal agreement between you, the end user (hereinafter, “You”) and Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless (hereinafter, “Us” or “We”). Your use of Mobile Secure (the “Services”) is subject to the Mobile Secure Terms of Service described below (the “Terms”); Your use is also subject to the Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement, including its mandatory binding arbitration provision, which is available at Please read both these Terms and the Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement, and do not use the Services if You disagree with them. Additional information about the Services is available at

Dispositivos que admiten y uso de los servicios.

We, directly or indirectly, will provide the Services in accordance with these Terms. The Services are available for devices associated with each line covered by Mobile Secure or a Verizon device protection option that includes Mobile Secure (such devices collectively referred to as "Supported Devices"). Para usar los Servicios, Usted debe tener una cuenta de Verizon Wireless activa y un Dispositivo admitido, y debe proporcionarnos el número móvil asociado a su Dispositivo admitido al solicitar los Servicios. Se puede cobrar uso de datos por los Servicios y eres el único responsable por su pago. In some circumstances, You may need to download certain apps or supply and/or purchase additional equipment or software to receive the full benefit of the Services, and You are responsible for the cost of that equipment or software.

Alcance de los Servicios. The following Services are provided as described below:

Servicios de asistencia técnica.

The Services include technical support provided by Tech Coaches for: (a) Your Supported Device(s) and the operating systems and software applications on it; and (b) the use of Your Supported Device(s) with other devices and services manufactured to be compatible with Your Supported Device(s) or intended to be connected to it (the “Technical Support Services”).

The Technical Support Services do not include: (a) assistance with wireless network coverage issues, such as dropped calls/data interruptions; (b) facilitating or activating over-the-air updates to operating systems, firmware, or other software on Your behalf; (c) diagnostic support unrelated to Your Supported Device; (d) modification of Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) software; (e) installation of third-party software or OEM drivers not supported by the Supported Device; (f) setup, support or repair of computers, peripherals or home or wireless routers, modems or networks; (g) installation of non-sanctioned applications as determined by Us in our sole discretion; (h) data migration from computer device to computer device; or (i) assistance with specialized devices related to medical care, including but not limited to, emergency assistance/first responder devices.

Aplicación móvil Tech Coach.

The Technical Support Services include access to the Tech Coach Mobile Application (the “Tech Coach App”) that is provided to You directly by Asurion Mobile Applications, LLC.  The Tech Coach App provides several functions, including access to a Tech Coach who can provide Technical Support Services through click-to-call, click-to-chat, self-help information, and educational notifications; and may at a future date provide other features and benefits. La Aplicación Tech Coach está sujeta a un contrato de licencia de usuario final separado disponible en El Acuerdo con el Cliente del usuario final de la Aplicación Tech Coach es independiente de estos Términos y del Acuerdo con el Cliente de Verizon Wireless.

Security Advisor.

The Services include access to Security Advisor, which provides expert support to help You proactively secure Your information and resolve security vulnerabilities to help protect you against online threats. Security Advisor experts are available to answer questions and provide content and tips to help you improve or solve security concerns. El Asesor de seguridad no proporciona notificaciones en tiempo real sobre la exposición de datos sensibles, la eliminación de virus/malware, la reducción de hacking en la red doméstica o la administración de pérdida de datos. To access such security and privacy tools included in the Services, You must download the Digital Secure Application ("Digital Secure App") using a smartphone. The make and model of Your Supported Device(s) may limit Your ability to access certain features of Digital Secure and therefore limit the scope of support provided by Security Advisor.

Device Refresh.

The Services include access to Device Refresh services to optimize device functionality and performance of Supported Devices. Device Refresh services include device diagnostics; checkups for certain performance indicators, such as assessment of device speed, signal strength, and battery performance of Your Supported Device. The availability of these services is contingent on certain criteria, including device/model type and technician availability. Estos servicios son solo de diagnóstico y no incluyen servicios de diagnóstico de problemas, evaluación de prioridades, reparación o reemplazo. Device Refresh services also include unlimited sanitization of Your Supported Device, case, screen and ports. Device Refresh services may be provided to You via web or at one of Our authorized repair locations, which are subject to change at any time. Visit to learn more.

Same-Day Delivery and Setup.

  • Newly Purchased Devices.

    In select locations, if You purchase an eligible new device through, You may be eligible for same-day delivery and device setup by a delivery and setup expert ("Setup Services"). Your eligibility for Setup Services will be presented to You at the time of device purchase and will be determined based on the following criteria: (1) Your requested delivery location; (2) device eligibility; (3) time of purchase (e.g., Setup Services must be offered and accepted by You by 3:00 p.m., Central Time); and (4) availability of a setup expert.

  • Insurance Replacements.

    In select locations, if you file a claim for an eligible smartphone under the Wireless Phone Protection insurance program (“WPP”) and are offered a replacement device, you may be eligible for Setup Services. Your eligibility for Setup Services under the WPP program will be determined based on the following criteria: (1) Your requested delivery location; (2) smartphone model eligibility; (3) time that Your WPP claim is filed and approved; and (4) availability of a setup expert. Only claims filed and approved by 4:00 p.m., local time, and that meet Our eligibility requirements, may receive a replacement device from a setup expert by 9 p.m., local time, on the same day the claim was filed and approved. Your Supported Device’s eligibility for this Setup Service is determined at the time an insurance claim is made and approved. Setup Services are available in select locations and for select smartphones only. Check to determine if Your Supported Device is eligible and to determine locations where Setup Services are available.

  • Newly Purchased Devices & Insurance Replacements.

    Setup Services provided with same-day delivery for newly purchased devices or insurance replacements include device activation, data migration services and/or initial device configuration and connectivity. Setup Services will not include dismantling or installation of equipment unrelated to the replacement device. In order to be eligible for Setup Services, someone at least 18 years of age must be present at all times while the setup expert is on site and performing the requested Setup Services. The setup expert will contact You prior to delivering Your device and Setup Services to verify the delivery window. If You do not confirm Your availability for Your scheduled delivery and Setup Services, We reserve the right to cancel Your delivery and Setup Services. Si eres elegible para los Servicios de Activación básica, es posible que se te solicite firmar un formulario de consentimiento para realizar los servicios solicitados antes de que se lleve a cabo cualquier otro servicio. You agree to provide a safe, non-threatening environment for the setup expert to perform the Setup Services. The setup expert has the right to terminate Setup Services if they feel that You are not complying with any requirements contained in these Terms or any consent provided prior to the initiation of the Setup Services. Setup Services will continue until completion only if completion can occur within a reasonable amount of time, reasonableness will be at the discretion of the setup expert. In the event the Setup Services are stopped prior to Your device setup being complete, You may continue the Setup Services by calling a Tech Coach expert or clicking on the Tech Coach App. Limitations and exclusions may apply.

Security and Privacy Services.

The Services also include access to Security and Privacy Services, including those provided by downloading the Digital Secure App. The Digital Secure App provides several tools including: (a) security monitoring of Your Supported Device with specific malware and virus prevention software; (b) safeguarding your data on public Wi-Fi access; (c) identification of select mobile apps that could access private information from your Supported Device and put your data at risk; (d) identity theft monitoring, using dark web surveillance; and (e) access to identity theft alerts and data recovery tools.

Download of the Digital Secure App is required, and customers must enroll in identity theft monitoring via the Digital Secure App. Only smartphones are eligible to download the Digital Secure App; but select features may also be accessed on tablets and computers. Se aplican restricciones del SO: iOS 11+ y Android 4.4+. The Digital Secure App is subject to additional terms and conditions available at The Digital Secure App terms and conditions are independent of these Terms and the Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement.  

Verizon Wireless does not monitor all transactions and cannot protect against all identity theft. See Digital Secure App terms and conditions for limitations and exclusions. You should contact the three national credit bureaus (e.g., Equifax, Experian and TransUnion), to monitor Your credit report. You should always take steps to safeguard personal information to reduce chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

Additional benefits, such as access to a security assessment of Your in home connectivity, may also be provided to you outside of the Digital Secure App. 

Call Filtering Services.

The Services also include access to enhanced Call Filtering Services including custom call controls available through the Verizon network and by downloading the Call Filter Application (the “Call Filter App”). The Call Filtering Services include: (a) caller name ID; (b) real time spam alerts; (c) spam lookup and reporting tools; (d) call blocking; and (e) personal block lists. The Call Filtering Services are subject to additional terms and conditions available at and are independent of these Terms and the Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement.

Ocasionalmente, Verizon Wireless podrá poner a tu disposición ciertas ofertas promocionales opcionales separadas de los Servicios.

Your Responsibilities in Accessing the Services.

Backup of Software and Data.

You are responsible for backing up the software or data stored on Your Supported Device and other devices included in the Services. Verizon Wireless no se hace responsable de ninguna pérdida, alteración o modificación corrupta de ningún softare o datos, y Nosotros podemos negarnos a brindarle Servicios a Usted si se determina que Usted no ha tomado las precauciones necesarias de hacer las copias de seguridad. When providing Services, Tech Coach experts and/or Security Advisor experts may be required to remotely access Your Supported Device, including any data, videos, pictures, text messages or other content thereon. It is Your responsibility to remove any sensitive content on Your Supported Device to the extent You believe necessary to prevent access by Tech Coach experts and/or Security Advisor experts.

Aplicaciones de acceso remoto.

Para recibir los Servicios, es posible que se te solicite que instales ciertas aplicaciones de software en tu dispositivo compatible y otros dispositivos incluidos en los Servicios ("Software"). The Software may include tools that allow Verizon Wireless to access Your device and any content stored thereon remotely. You agree to comply with the terms applicable to the Software, and in the event of a conflict between those terms and these Terms and the Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement, the Software-specific terms control with regard to the Software only. Reconoces y aceptas que no copiarás o modificarás el Software o cualquier otro material que se te haya provisto en relación con los Servicios.

Representaciones y autorizaciones.

When seeking Services, You represent that You are the owner or an authorized user of the Supported Device or other devices included in the Services, as well as any software thereon, and We reserve the right to refuse to provide Services to You if We determine that You are not the owner or authorized user. When seeking Services, You: (a) expressly consent to Tech Coach experts and/or Security Advisor experts remotely accessing Your Supported Device, other devices included in the Services and any data, videos, pictures, text messages or other content thereon (including content that may be personal, confidential or otherwise sensitive in nature); (b) expressly authorize Tech Coach experts and/or Security Advisor experts to effect changes to Your devices, to the extent necessary to provide the Services, and You acknowledge and agree that such changes may be permanent and irreversible; and (c) if eligible, and choose to have Your newly purchased or replacement device delivered to you same-day with Setup Services, expressly authorize a setup expert to deliver Your replacement device to Your home (or requested delivery location), and consent to a delivery and setup expert performing certain Setup Services in Your home (or requested delivery location), subject to this Agreement.


If You know or suspect that the passwords associated with or stored on Your Supported Device have been available to or accessed by anyone as a result of Your use of the Services, You should immediately change or reset those passwords.

Límite de reclamo.

Sujeto a la disposición de arbitraje en tu Acuerdo con el Cliente de Verizon Wireless y a menos que la ley aplicable permita lo contrario, cualquier reclamo relacionado con los Servicios se realizará dentro de un (1) año de transcurridos los eventos que hayan dado lugar al reclamo. No reivindicar dicho reclamo durante ese período resulta en la anulación del reclamo de manera permanente.

Other Important Information Concerning the Services.

Esfuerzos comercialmente razonables.

Verizon Wireless realizará los esfuerzos comercialmente razonables para brindar los Servicios. Esto significa que si no podemos resolver tu problema después de realizar los esfuerzos comercialmente razonables, tendremos el derecho, a nuestra discreción, de no realizar otros esfuerzos. Además, en algunas circunstancias, podemos contar con información limitada de proveedores, fabricantes y desarrolladores, y podemos no tener la posibilidad de obtener la información confidencial o de otro tipo necesaria para solucionar el problema. Algunos problemas técnicos que se te presenten pueden ser el resultado de errores de software o hardware aún no resueltos por los proveedores, fabricantes o desarrolladores de ese software o hardware, en cuyo caso es posible que no podamos solucionar el problema. En esas circunstancias, seguirás siendo responsable de las tarifas y cargos asociados a los Servicios.

Derecho de cancelar.

Verizon Wireless se reserva el derecho de suspender o cancelar tu uso de los Servicios en cualquier momento y por cualquier motivo, inclusive por abuso, uso excesivo o incumplimiento del pago de los cargos o tarifas asociados con los Servicios. También nos reservamos el derecho de cambiar el alcance o la extensión de los Servicios en cualquier momento y por cualquier motivo. Cualquier reembolso de los cargos o tarifas asociados con los Servicios que podamos aceptar pagar en dichas circunstancias se limitará a los cargos que hayas pagado en el mes anterior por los Servicios. If You wish to terminate Your access to the Services, please contact Us by calling (800) 922-0204 or visiting