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Samsung Galaxy Watch Software Update

Verizon is pleased to announce a software update for your device. Esta actualización de software se ha probado para optimizar el rendimiento del dispositivo, solucionar problemas conocidos y aplicar los últimos parches de seguridad.

Before you download:

  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, or make sure it has a strong Verizon wireless network connection.
  • Asegúrate de que la batería esté completamente cargada antes de iniciar la actualización del software.

Actualización del sistema 8

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 08.18.2022
Software Version for 46mm: R805USQU1DVH1
Software Version for 42mm: R815USQU1DVH1

Qué cambia:

The current software update provides performance improvements to your device.

Actualización del sistema 7

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 11.29.2021
Software Version for 46mm: R805USQU1DUJ6
Software Version for 42mm: R815USQU1DUJ6

Qué cambia:

This software update provides the latest updates for your Galaxy Watch.

New Watch Faces

  • Four new watch faces have been added: Live wallpaper, Basic dashboard, Info brick and Weather center.
Galaxy Watch New Watch Faces screenshot

Enhancements have been applied to existing watch faces below:

  • Steps challenge: Added new animations and the option to choose Steps or Together. For example, when the challenge is over, the bear will go outside.
Galaxy Watch Steps Challenge screenshot
  • Animal: Added customization options for the watch edge.
Galaxy Watch Animal screenshot
  • My Face: GIF is now supported.
Galaxy Watch My Face screenshot
  • Cute Character: Two new characters have been added.
Galaxy Watch Cute Character screenshot
  • AR Emoji and Bitmoji: Added popup to inform users that they can create their own avatars using mobile app.
Samsung Galaxy Watch AR Emoji and Bitmoji screenshot


  • The Together feature lets you challenge your friends to walking competitions. Or you can join Global challenges and participate in different workout contests with people all over the world. On your paired phone, open Samsung Health and tap the Together tab.
Galaxy Watch Together screenshot

Actualización del sistema 6

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 04.30.2021
Software Version for 46mm: R805USQU1DUD1
Software Version for 42mm: R815USQU1DUD1

Qué cambia:

The current software update provides the most up to date security patches on your device.

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