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Network Congestion/Signal Concern

Details about your Verizon service

Thank you for submitting this issue to the network team. While we didn't find any current outages or degradation in your location, there is an opportunity for us to improve our service/coverage. Verizon wireless network teams routinely monitor performance to identify locations that may require additional coverage or enhancements.

We've marked this area of concern and will evaluate it to ensure your experience meets your expectation/is satisfactory. Also, we'd like the opportunity to evaluate variables unique to you, including your device, surroundings, and services to ensure every aspect of your wireless service is optimized.

Your individual experience may vary, due to factors such as:

  • Device – Signal sensitivity can vary from device to device. Even a small difference can cause a noticeable difference in call quality.
  • Time of day – During peak hours, when many devices are using a particular cell site, the signal may be absorbed by users who are closer to the site. This may cause users who are farther away to get a degraded signal.
  • External barriers – Things like trees (especially during the time of year when foliage is heavy) or hilly terrain can cause service disruption by partially or completely blocking a strong signal.
  • Building material – Certain materials such as metal or brick can block or lessen signal penetration.

No need to worry, however, because Verizon has several options available to make sure you get the highest quality service in these situations.

Estos son algunos pasos que puedes seguir:

  • Si está disponible, puedes activar HD Voice, que proporciona una calidad de llamada aún mejor a través de la red LTE de Verizon. With HD Voice enabled, you can also enable Wi-Fi Calling, a way to help boost call quality securely whenever you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Learn more about setting up and using HD Voice.
  • HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling are your best options for improved service, and we make these features free in order to ensure you always get the best possible service.
  • Or, if your device is not Wi-Fi Calling capable, we also offer Network Extenders for sale that could enhance the voice coverage in a specific location, and they can work with multiple devices.

For more details about these 3 options, or for troubleshooting resources, our online Troubleshooting Assistant offers solutions that may resolve your concern. Thank you for your time, and thank you for being the best part of Verizon.

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