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Solución de problemas del servicio de restauración de contenido de Verizon Cloud

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Here are some tips for commonly used Verizon Cloud features:

Auto-restoring media

  • Verizon Cloud allows you to auto-restore media created within 30 days. The media is still available in Verizon Cloud after 30 days, but you'll need to access the content manually.
  • You can download individual files to your device with the Verizon Cloud app for Android™ and iOS.
  • On a computer, you can sign into My Verizon to view and manage all available media.

Alternate sync/back-up services

  • Your device may have many different options to back up content. Other methods include Apple® iCloud, Google services like Google Calendar and Contacts, and third-party sync services through your app store.
    • Note: Verizon Cloud does not automatically sync content from these additional services. (It only backs up content you specifically authorize to do so.)
  • Verizon Cloud recognizes specific folders for backup, but doesn't recognize some folders or sub-folders created by third-party apps.
  • Transfer media to the DCIM, Pictures or Movies folders. Media saved to external storage cards also backs up from the same folder types.

Text message thread limits

  • Verizon Cloud can restore full or partial message threads. This setting can be changed in the Verizon Cloud Advanced Settings menu.
  • Select Delete Old Messages to limit the restoration to 5000 messages within a message thread.

Content archive after service disconnect or feature removal

  • A content archive is available for 30 days after a service disconnect, or if you remove Verizon Cloud in My Verizon. All content is deleted after 30 days.

Android es una marca comercial de Google, Inc.
iOS es una marca comercial o registrada de Cisco en los EE. UU. y otros países y se utiliza bajo licencia.
iCloud is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.