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Verizon GizmoWatch™ Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Edition Software Update

Verizon Wireless is pleased to announce a software update for your device. Esta actualización de software ha sido probada para optimizar el rendimiento del dispositivo, solucionar problemas conocidos y aplicar los últimos parches de seguridad.

Antes de descargar:

  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network, or make sure it has a strong Verizon Wireless network connection.
  • Asegúrate de que la batería esté completamente cargada antes de iniciar la actualización del software.

System Update 4.5

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 07.13.2020
Software Version: QTAX53DW_20C24

Qué está cambiando:

Geofence alerts

Some users have experienced a flood of geofence alerts. The device has reported the same status for a short period of time. Version 1.0.45 has been released to resolve this issue.

Non-supported emojis

New emojis will be added to the Disney watch. In addition to the current set of emojis (1 to 76), new emoji indexes from 77 to 92 will be added. Since these emojis are only going to be on Disney devices, if a child sends a new emojis from a Disney watch to a non-Disney watch, a text will be shown. For any emojis beyond 92, the device shall display " ".

GPS updates

An update has been made to enable Glonass in GNSS engine and enable Glonass aiding data request from SUPL server (MSB base). This will improve A-GPS in urban canyon areas.

Enabling or disabling of the GLONASS capability:

  • 0 – GLONASS disabled
  • 1 – GLONASS enabled

Actualización del sistema 4

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 05.18.2020
Software Version: QTAX53DW_20C23

Qué está cambiando:

This software update includes the following updates and new features:

Main Issues

  • Addressed an issue where, in some rare cases, an unknown caller's number shows up in the device calls list even though the call was never received.
  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) location support was added.

Improved performance of the following systems and features:

  • Eliminates pairing issues with QR code display
  • Step count now updates during every power cycle
  • Message screen loads faster
  • Large numbers of received messages no longer affect sending messages
  • Goal complete screen will pop-up even if no reward is set
  • Device syncs Global settings during every power cycle
  • Allows selecting "Check Update" while Update Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) downloads are in progress
  • Added “Geofence may be delayed” alert at beginning and end whether device is moving or still
  • Improved location accuracy report
  • New message notifications during use will no longer flash and disappear after a few seconds, but continue to be displayed
  • Added emergency statistic report
  • Syncs more frequently

Actualización del sistema 3

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 10.09.2019
Software Version: QTAX53DW_20C19

Qué está cambiando:

The current software update provides a driver update to support manufacturing.