Google Home speakers can make great additions to any smart home. But how do you know which version is the best gift for dad this Father's Day? Check out our quick guide to find out which factors make the Google Home, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini so unique. And making dad's life a little easier never hurt either.

The Google Home Mini: Portable and unassuming.

The Google Home Mini manages to be both small and mighty. A diminutive design makes it easy for dad to stick on a bedside table, mantle or other area with limited amounts of space. “Its small size also makes it suited for rooms where you’d like a voice assistant, but don’t want it to stand out,” says Tom’s Guide. So if you’re looking to gift a speaker that he can easily swap between rooms, the Google Home Mini might just be the choice.

The Google Home: Sleek and functional.

The original member of the Home family, the Google Home is the regular-sized speaker that Pocket-Lint says most “blends style and function.” It provides “the perfect balance of volume, sound fidelity, and bass for a small to medium-sized room,” according to Android Central, who also brought attention to its “scary-accurate” microphones, even in a room brimming with other sounds.

The Google Home Max: Smart and powerful.

With dual 4.5-inch woofers and 2 tweeters, the Google Home Max is the audiophile’s smart speaker. “Google Home Max is max by name and max by nature,” writes Pocket-Lint. “It has been designed to be the life and soul of a party, delivering high-quality sound that can go loud when you need it.” And while it may be the largest of Google’s speakers, its mount can be placed horizontally or vertically for mono or stereo mode.

Smart Sound is a feature exclusive to the Google Home Max, and uses advanced technology to analyze the environment and adjust the speakers accordingly. That means that whether dad is in an open living room or a carpeted hallway, his music still comes out sounding fresh. “If you want great audio and don't want to mess around with more complicated speaker setups, the Home Max is a solid option,” writes EnGadget.

The Google Home Family.

Each one of Google’s smart speakers come with a built-in assistant, making it easy for dad to order a pizza, check the weather or change a song from across the room. And the good news is that you don’t have to choose just one this Father's Day. Google Home, Mini, Max and Chromecast can be paired in any combination, providing superior sound quality in multiple rooms at a time.

“The Home Mini seems like a good choice for a child’s room,” claims Digital Trends, “while you might want the original Home’s bigger sound for the kitchen, and the musically inclined Home Max for the living room.” So whether dad's main priority is high-quality music, portability or eloquent simplicity, there’s bound to be a Google smart speaker to fit his lifestyle.

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