On-demand peace of mind - now in HD.

Las cámaras de seguridad han avanzado mucho desde los días en los cuales los electricistas realizaban el cableado de los equipos en una ubicación fija. For businesses and homeowners, devices like the Canary Flex Weatherproof HD Security Cam can be set up inside or outside for Wi-Fi–enabled, on-demand video. As CNET says, "Canary's Flex security cam really can go anywhere."

Here’s what buyers can expect from the Canary Flex:

1. Funcionalidad suprema: la cámara Canary Flex con forma de pastilla es pequeña, portátil y viene en colores mate negro o blanco. Gracias a los tres montajes diferentes, la cámara se puede colocar en posición vertical, en una pared o en cualquier ángulo. “Its strong magnetic base and swiveling body design make it extremely easy to find the right viewing angle,” according to CNET.

2. Conectividad potente: la Canary Flex se conecta a una aplicación que le permite a los usuarios controlar la alimentación de señal de video de manera remota. Reviews praised the quality of the video: “Canary has all but eliminated the latency normally associated with live-streaming,” DigitalTrends writes. 

3. Compact size: The palm-sized Canary Flex camera stands 4.4 inches tall, measures around 1 inches around, and weighs a tad more than ½ pound. Que sea pequeña es una gran ventaja, ya que la hace portátil y fácil de camuflar. “A highly versatile camera that can watch over your house from pretty much anywhere,” says CNET. “It can go from your living room to your backyard with minimal effort.”

4. Built for the elements: As its name suggests, the camera is weatherproof, designed to withstand rain, snow, heat and cold, tolerating temperatures from -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The camera’s data is backed up in the cloud, and the battery goes months between recharges. “That’s because the camera spends most of its time in sleep mode, waking only when it detects movement, at which time it will capture a clip with audio, encrypt and upload it to the cloud, and then go back to sleep,” TechHive.com reports.

5. See and hear, crystal clear: The camera records high-definition video and audio with a wide-angle lens. It also touts an IP65 rating, meaning it’s protected from dust and the low-pressure water jets on common sprinkler systems. The camera has Home, Away and Night modes — the latter alerting a user to motion that occurs while that user might be sleeping. Cuando se detecta movimiento en el modo Away, el dispositivo graba un video y le envía al usuario una notificación.

6. Motion-triggered, but smart: “You can download the snippets of video … and leave a comment,” PCMag writes. “That last feature comes in handy if you share a household with someone else. Instead of making them watch an entire event, you can just tell them what it was.”

CNET seals it: "There are few standalone DIY security cameras that offer so many potential use cases. Look no further for an HD live streaming device that's truly flexible."

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