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6 ways the Nest Cam creates a connected, secure home

Peace of mind — in high definition.


Nest was one of the first companies to hit the smart-home scene. Inside its new Nest Cam Security Camera is a plug-in, high-definition security camera that records on a 24/7 basis and alerts users via the same app used for other Nest products.

The Nest Cam is designed to help homeowners and renters keep tabs on their property while they're away. It monitors for unusual motion and sounds - such as a door suddenly shutting. And if the camera's algorithms sense something out of the ordinary, the user is alerted with a photo of the event via the app.

Here are 6 key ways the Nest Cam secures your home:

1. Connectivity: Several Nest Cams can be connected to each other using the Nest Aware app. And many connected devices can work together to secure your home. For example, make it appear like someone is home when the house is vacant by activating lights. This works in reverse, too. “If you own a Nest Learning Thermostat, which detects when you’re home, the Nest Cam will automatically switch on and off according to the thermostat’s status,” notes TrustedReviews.com.

2. Flexibility: The Nest Cam’s small size — each unit measures 4.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches — in addition to its wide, 130-degree lens and 180-degree rotating stand, offer remarkable viewing options. “It has a really wide lens so you can see most of almost any room it’s in,” comments Care.com. Meanwhile, Tom’s Guide is similarly impressed. “Placing the camera in a corner will capture the entire room, and then some,” its editors write.


3. Easy Setup: To get the Nest Cam up and running, simply pull it from the box, download the app and then scan the camera’s QR code, which starts the configuration process. The kit also includes a magnetic base and a wall-mounting plate for sticking the camera in a discreet location, if desired.

"Nest boasts up and down that installation literally takes only a minute. And, surprisingly enough, it really does," notes Tom's Guide. "I plugged the camera into the wall and then downloaded the Nest app, which is available for iOS and Android. From there, it's a matter of filling in a few information fields."

4. Look and feel: Nest products are loved for their clean, minimal design. “Nest has a well-deserved reputation for Apple-esque presentation and attention to detail,” reports TrustedReviews.com. “From the simple, attractive packaging to the straightforward instructions, the Nest Cam makes a great first impression.”

5. Performance: For a security camera to prove its worth, it needs to relay a potential issue to its owner clearly, cleanly and quickly. Nest offers live viewing and recording in high-resolution quality. On that score, the Nest Cam shines even brighter. “One of the major pluses of the Nest Cam is its crisp 1080p streaming video,” Tom’s Guide notes. “The camera's 3-megapixel lens, which is ringed by eight LED lights, picks up impressive detail.

Count The Wirecutter a fan, too: “It offers some of the best audio and video performance, works with more smart-home devices than any other camera we reviewed, and includes an easy-to-use app,” the website notes.

6. Extras: The Nest Cam’s enhanced night vision “is more impressive than you would expect,” Tom’s Guide notes. The camera also has a scheduling feature for users to determine when they want the device switched on and off. A built-in speaker allows users to talk and listen when people are at home and the user is away.

Tom’s Guide succinctly summarizes the Nest Cam’s appeal: "For painless operation, solid security footage and the ability to interact with (and through) the camera, the Nest Cam is a great choice.”


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