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Verizon May Accessory Buzz: Connected Life


Life gets busy quick, and sometimes it feels like there's just not enough hours in the day. But good tech helps to save time and make the most of whatever extra you have. Simplify your routine with these 4 accessories, designed to keep you connected and in control both at home and on the go.

The Nest Thermostat E: A smart thermostat that adjusts according to your schedule and helps you save money.

Connected Life Promo: Save $40 on the Nest Thermostat E during the month of May.

Get a thermostat that’s smart enough to learn your schedule and control your home’s temperature while you’re away. It only takes a few days for your Nest Thermostat E to adjust its settings according to your preferences. Whether you’re at the park, at the office, or taking the dog for a walk around the neighborhood, the Nest app lets you control your home’s temperature and check your thermostat’s history for ways to save more energy. Its subtle, frosted display makes the Nest easy to read but subtle enough to blend in with your home or office decor.

The Canary Flex Weatherproof HD Security Camera: Real-time video and automatic alerts sent right to your phone.

Connected Life Promo: Save $50 on the Canary Flex Weatherproof HD Security Camera during the month of May.

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, the Canary Flex is the all-weather* HD security camera that keeps a watchful eye on your house, rain or shine. Get peace of mind with a camera that includes automatic night vision for crystal-clear imagery, even in the dark. Plug in your camera in using the included 8-foot cable for all-day surveillance that you can set and forget. Or enjoy the freedom of going wireless with long-lasting lithium ion batteries. Either way, the Canary Flex is easy to set up and operates using your existing Wi-Fi.

The Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Alta HR: Hear rate monitoring, fitness tracking and more.

Connected Life Promo: Save $30 on these 2 smartwatches during the month of May.

Track your daily routine, 24/7. The Fitbit Alta HR is a slim, customizable smartwatch that monitors your heart rate and records time spent in light, deep and REM stages of sleep. Every step taken, stair climbed and calorie burnt is displayed on your screen, while the Fitbit app’s SmartTrack™ feature automatically recognizes select workouts and exercises as soon as they begin. And you can stay in the loop with call, text and calendar notifications that appear right on your screen so long as your smartphone is nearby.

Check your pulse, analyze your daily heart rate trends and more accurately track calories burnt with revolutionary PurePulse™ heart rate monitoring† for the Fitbit Charge 2. Similar to the Alta HR, the Charge 2 uses SmartTrack technology to recognize select exercises and record them right on your Fitbit app. Focus on your self-health with useful features like guided breathing lessons and sleep tracking that helps you pinpoint when you get the best amount of rest.


When you think smart tech, think Verizon. Whether you’re looking for a smartwatch, headphones or a new pair of speakers, we’ve got what you need to stay connected. Check out Verizon’s accessory page for the full selection.

*Grado de impermeabilidad IP65. Resistente a emisiones de agua desde una boquilla (6.3 mm) hacia la carcasa, en cualquier dirección.

†Al igual que cualquier tecnología de control del ritmo cardíaco, la exactitud se ve afectada por la fisiología, la ubicación del dispositivo y los diferentes movimientos.


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