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BlackBerry 10

Estimated Release Date: 2013

The BlackBerry 10 OS is a reimagined experience that puts your life at your fingertips. Built with superfast browsing capabilities and a remarkably fluid feel, navigating through apps is quick and simple. With BlackBerry Balance™, your personal content stays separate from office email and apps. Just switch between your work and personal profiles to stay organized and connected throughout the day. Plus, you'll have access to a wide array of downloadable apps, games, movies and more. Supported by Verizon Wireless, the BlackBerry 10 OS is more than just a multitasking tool. It's a fast-tasking system designed around you.

Los pasos para ver la versión actual del SO varían según el dispositivo. A continuación te mostramos instrucciones generales que funcionan en la mayoría de los dispositivos BlackBerry. Para obtener instrucciones detalladas sobre un dispositivo específico, consulta la guía el usuario.

To check your current BlackBerry OS version:

  1. From the Home screen, scroll to and select Settings.
  2. Select About to display the version information.


Características principales

BlackBerry Flow

Switch between apps and tasks with little effort and without closing the app you’re in. Flow is a multitasking experience that lets you get the most of your device, using easy-to-learn gestures, while staying on track with your tasks.

BlackBerry Hub

Find all of your conversations - email, text, chat, Facebook®, Twitter®, etc. - in one place. The Peek feature lets you glance into your Hub inbox from any app or screen with a simple swipe of your finger. Then you can decide whether to respond immediately or continue your current task.

BlackBerry Keyboard

Communicate faster and better; the keyboard learns how you write and adapts to how you type. It understands what you want to say and suggests words to help you type faster and more accurately.

Time Shift Mode & Story Maker

Time Shift mode captures brief moments before and after you take a picture, letting you move forward or backwards in time to correct imperfections. Combine pictures and videos together, add music and share your story with BlackBerry Story Maker.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM™) with Video Chat & Screen Share

Talk face-to-face with your BBM contacts using video chat. Luego, usa la pantalla compartida para navegar por tu dispositivo mientras tu contacto mira. This is great for sharing documents, photos, web pages and anything else that's on your screen.

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