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Primeros pasos para usar One Talk

    Welcome to Verizon One Talk

    This document contains the initial steps to get you started with One Talk services and features. Information on all One Talk setup, features, and solution management can be found on our One Talk Support page.

    • Adding devices and users
    • User Guides for all end-point devices (smartphones, desk phones, tablets, computers)
    • Services, features and functions including Auto Receptionist, Hunt Groups, and 50+ more
    • Support and troubleshooting

    Immediately after the One Talk service has been ordered, your business's account manager (One Talk Administrator) will receive a welcome email from Verizon with instructions on signing into the Verizon My Business Portal and managing your solution from the One Talk Administrator Portal.


    Implementation and Management Services

    Plan for your One Talk implementation: line assignments, business call flows, user device & app options (desk phones, smartphones, computers and tablets), video conferencing, auto receptionist options, hunt group routing and your other business communication and collaboration needs.

    Please consult your Verizon Account Manager or Mobility Co-Sell Partner for more information on Implementation and Management Service options:

    • Self-install - with your staff or technology partner
    • Verizon Mobility Co-Sell Partner - Implementation, Management, and Value-Added Services
    • Verizon - Implementation Services

    Paso 1 - One Talk Administrator Portal

    If you placed your One Talk order through a Verizon retail store, a Verizon Business Sales Representative, or a Verizon Authorized Partner, you will be able to see your initial lines and devices when you first sign into the One Talk Administrator Portal within Verizon My Business.

    1. Sign in to your Verizon My Business account. If you have not set up an account, follow the instructions to register. The Verizon My Business portal can be found in the upper right corner of the page.

    2. Go to the One Talk Administrator Portal by selecting Manage Account at the top of the My Business page, and then select One Talk under the Product Tools section.

    3. You can access all One Talk features and functions, purchase additional services, and access solution and support resources from the Manage Your One Talk Service page.

    More resources available:

    Paso 2 - Review your One Talk Lines

    The One Talk portal main page provides a summary of your One Talk lines. Make sure that you have enough lines:

    • Business numbers
    • Individual employee numbers
    • Auto Receptionist numbers
    • Hunt Group numbers

    If you have a number activated as a wrong line type (i.e., a user line that should be an auto receptionist), simply use the change service type option to change the line to the desired service type.

    Paso 3 - Confirm user information for each line

    On the Manage Lines and Devices page, select Edit.

    • User Name is used to associate a user with a One Talk number.
    • Email address is critical to ensure proper delivery of an Activation PIN for the Mobile App.
    • Extensions are required if you want to use four-digit dialing.
    • Calling ID is what displays when calling other internal employees.

    Paso 4 - Configure/Confirm Desk Phone Settings

    • Select View Details in the Total Lines box.
    • Select a user's line to check.
    • Select Associated devices tab.
    • Select View more for Desk Phones.
    • Make sure the 911 address is correctly assigned for a user's desk phone. If incorrect, select Edit.
    • Select User features to make any changes to end user features.

    Paso 5 - Network Settings: Ports and protocols required for desk phones and mobile/desktop apps

    One Talk requiere los siguientes protocolos y puertos para que los dispositivos tengan servicio y funcionalidad completa:

    Teléfonos de escritorio One Talk

    • Device Configuration - FQDN: Protocol: HTTPS | Port: 443
    • Signaling - FQDN: & Protocol: SIPTLS | Port: 5061
    • Media (voice/video) - FQDN: N/A Protocol: SRTP | Port: 1024 through 47383
    • Network Time - FQDN: & Protocol: NTP | Port: 123

      Nota: NTP puede ser provisto por el servidor DHCP del cliente (opción 42). Si NTP no es provisto a través de DHCP, el respaldo se programa en grupo de servidores de hora US NIST.
    • Ajustes predeterminados de marcado DSCP - Valor RTP DSCP: 46 | Valor SIP DSCP: 26
    • FQDN information is subject to change.

    One Talk Mobile & Desktop App registered via WiFi or Ethernet

    • Device Configuration/Authentication - FQDN: Protocol: HTTPS | Port: 444
    • 911 Feature Provisioning - FQDN: Protocol: HTTPS | Port: 443
    • Signaling - FQDN: Protocol: SIPTLS | Port: 443 and 5061
    • Media (voice/video) - FQDN: N/A Protocol: SRTP | Port: 1024 through 47383
    • Messaging - FQDN: Protocol: MQTT & HTTPS | Port: 443
    • Visual Voicemail - FQDN: Protocol: TCP | Port: 143
    • FQDN information is subject to change.

    General Firewall Setup Recommendations:

    • Ensure required ports are not being blocked.
    • Disable SIP ALG and SIP Transformations.
    • Enable Consistent NAT.
    • Increase UDP timeout to 120 seconds or longer.

    Paso 6 - Download/Install One Talk Mobile App

    1. Download the Verizon One Talk app from the Apple® App Store® or Google Play™ Store. La aplicación One Talk es compatible con los siguientes sistemas operativos:
      • iOS 13.0 y posterior
      • Android™ 8.0 and above
    2. Abre la aplicación One Talk.
      • A splash screen displays for a short while.
      • If presented, press Get Started to accept app permissions.
    3. Enter the One Talk number and the preferred name, then tap Request PIN to be sent by email.
    4. Enter the PIN sent via email, then tap Activate PIN.
    5. From the "Setup your Device & Profile" screen, enter the appropriate info and tap Next:
      • Nombre
      • Compañía (opcional)
      • Posición (opcional)
      • Nombre del dispositivo
    6. You will be prompted to select one of the two calling modes:
      • App Calling - All calls are made and received through the app. Call quality is susceptible to data connectivity and congestion.
      • Call Through - All calls are made and received through the native device phone number; however, callers are using and seeing your One Talk number. Esto proporciona un mayor nivel de calidad de audio.

    7. Follow the steps below to set up basic visual voicemail service.
      1. Selecciona Menu.
      2. Select the Voicemail icon which places a call to the voicemail system.
      3. Follow the prompts to complete setting up your voicemail.
      4. Once complete, a voicemail icon is displayed.
    8. Select Help & Feedback for helpful tutorials and to provide feedback to the app developers.

    Important Note: If you receive a provisioning error -23 when requesting the PIN, this generally indicates a connectivity issue with the phone. Make sure to turn off Wi-Fi and try again. If the issue persists, contact technical support.

    More resources available: One Talk - Setting Up the Mobile App, Call Through and Visual Voicemail (Video)

    Paso 7 - Setting Mobile App Call Through

    Users with the One Talk Mobile App will need to 1) download the app, 2) configure the app, 3) choose between App calling and Call Through. Call Through benefits and installation are outlined below.

    • Call-Through for the One Talk Smartphone Mobile App routes calls over the cellular network voice channel.
    • Calls are routed over the cellular voice channel - providing better call quality than standard VoIP communications over congested public Internet
    • Asistencia de múltiples proveedores: los teléfonos de Verizon usan VoLTE, la aplicación One Talk en dispositivos de otros proveedores usan el canal de voz de ese proveedor
    • Uses unlimited voice and not data plans for a VoIP calls
    • Reduce costos y el impacto en los planes de datos del usuario (especialmente los dispositivos del empleado - Trae tu propio dispositivo)

    Installation and Usage

    • Once the Mobile App is installed, the user is prompted to select between App calling or Call Through calling. Mobile App Settings in the upper left of the screen provide options for enabling and disabling Call Through (Settings > Call Features > Call Through).
    • In-app tutorial provides overview of Call Through.
    • When enabling Call Through, the user will be prompted to enter or confirm the SIM number (the smartphone's phone number).
    • For outbound calls, the user dials the number in the One Talk app and is prompted to connect the call using the interim routing number (IRN).
    • For inbound calls, a quick call notification icon will pop-up when the screen is not locked, which is the only way to know the incoming call to the native device is a One Talk call aside from the audible instruction to press a key to answer the call when initially answering the call (available on Android only).
    • User experience differences between Android and iOS:
      • Android will display the IRN number and number being called for outbound calls. iOS will only display the IRN when placing outbound calls.
      • While on an active call, Android has a call bubble making it easy to switch to the app for call management options. iOS requires swiping off the dial pad and launching the One Talk app and clicking the active call banner for call management options.
      • Native Device Call History - Android displays the called number. iOS displays outbound calls placed to the IRN. Calls are displayed in the One Talk app call history as the number of the person called.

    Paso 8 - New service availability & porting

    Using Verizon Wireless numbers

    It's important to understand when your service will be available to use. New telephone numbers can be used as soon as the device assigned to that number is connected. This applies to new smartphones, desk phones, or the One Talk App on mobile devices. Adding One Talk to an existing Verizon Wireless telephone number allows you to start using the service immediately.

    Moving other carrier numbers to Verizon Wireless (porting)

    When moving an active telephone line from another carrier to use on One Talk, known as "porting a line," the timeline for availability is different. Lines ported from a wireless carrier are typically available to use within 4 to 24 hours. Lines ported from a wireline carrier can take from 2 to 10 days to move, although most lines port within 2-4 days.

    Recommended porting steps:

    1. Leave your old desk phone plugged in and active until porting is completed.
    2. Install your new One Talk desk phone and connect for service as soon as it's received.

    Connecting prior to the completion of the porting process will allow you to place calls on the new line immediately, while incoming calls will still go to the old phone.

    When the new phone starts to receive incoming calls on that number, you will know porting is complete. You can unplug your old desk phone and contact your previous provider to discontinue your service and billing.

    Paso 9 - Setting up call routing schedules

    Setting up schedules determines incoming call routing during and outside of business hours, ensuring your customer calls always get handled properly. You can use default settings or customize them for your business operation. From the primary One Talk Administrator Portal page, select Manage Schedules. For more details, refer to our One Talk Support page.

    Paso 10 - Setting Automated Receptionists

    Setting up Automated Receptionists ensures your customer calls always get answered. From the primary One Talk Administrator Portal page, select Automated Receptionist. If you currently do not have an Automated Receptionist number, you can get one by clicking New Automated Receptionist in the Purchase section. For more information, please refer to our One Talk Support page.

    More resources available: One Talk - Setting Up Automated Receptionist (Video)

    Paso 11 - Setting Hunt Groups

    Setting up a Hunt Group allows you to direct a customer call to a group of lines. From the primary One Talk Administrator Portal page, select Hunt Group. If you currently do not have a Hunt Group number, you can get one by clicking New Hunt Group in the Purchase section. For more information, please refer to our One Talk Support page.

    More resources available: One Talk - Setting Up Call Flow and Hunt Groups (Video)

    Paso 12 - Order additional lines or equipment

    You can easily order additional lines or equipment directly from the primary One Talk Administrator Portal page, in the Purchase section below Overview. Las opciones incluyen:

    • Adding a new line for a One Talk dialer on a smartphone, including:
      • Ordering a new desk phone
      • Adding the One Talk service to an existing Verizon mobile line
      • Authorizing employees to use their personal devices with the One Talk Mobile App

    Asistencia técnica de Verizon

    If you need additional support, please contact the Verizon Customer Care Support Team:

    1. 800-922-0204
    2. Enter one of your One Talk mobile telephone numbers
    3. Press 1 to select technical support

    Visit our One Talk FAQs to review other helpful information.

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