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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Software Update

Verizon se complace en anunciar una actualización de software para tu dispositivo. This software update has been tested to help optimize device performance, resolve known issues, apply the latest security patches and, when available, deliver new features.

Antes de descargar:

  • Conecta tu dispositivo a una red Wi-Fi o asegúrate de que tengas una conexión potente a la red de Verizon Wireless.
  • Asegúrate de que la batería esté completamente cargada antes de iniciar la actualización del software.

Actualización del sistema 7

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 10.03.2022
Software Version for 44mm: R825USQU1EVI1
Software Version for 40mm: R835USQU1EVI1

Qué está cambiando:

This software update provides the latest enhancements for your Galaxy Watch Active2.

Esferas del reloj

Two new watch faces have been added: Pro Analog and Gradient Number.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Faces screenshot

Daily Activity Experience

The layout for the Daily Activity watch face has been enhanced with a Social Health feature.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Daily Activity Experience screenshot

Actualización del sistema 5

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 04.27.2021
Software Version for 44mm: R825USQU1CUD1
Software Version for 40mm: R835USQU1CUD1

Qué está cambiando:

The current software update provides the most up to date security patches on your device.

Actualización del sistema 4

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 10.22.2019
Software Version for 44mm: R825USQU1CUA2
Software Version for 40mm: R835USQU1CUA2

Qué está cambiando:

This software update brings the following enhancements to your Galaxy Watch Active2:

Improved Samsung Health Function

  • Instead of creating a challenge in the "Together" section of the Samsung Health app over your connected phone, you are now able to invite up to 9 friends to join and walk with you. You can also track your progress on your paired Galaxy Watch Active2 under Samsung Health > Together.
Samsung Galaxy Watch2 Health Function screenshot
  • A good night's sleep is important. In addition to automatically tracking your sleep time, you will also get a sleep score.
Samsung Galaxy Watch2 Health Function screenshot
  • The auto workout recoginition time is being reduced from 10 minutes to 3 minutes for running, rowing machine and elliptical.
  • Enjoy home workout videos with a variety of fitiness programs from Samsung Health over your connected phone. Go to Samsung Health "Fitness" section and select a program to add. Once you start to work out, your paired Galaxy Watch Active2 will help to get your body moving, follow the instructions and track your exercises. Depending on the type of exercises, different tracking screen may show on your watch. See below screens as examples.
Samsung Galaxy Watch2 Health Function screenshot
  • If you want to end the workout anytime, you can also swipe up and tap Finish.
Samsung Galaxy Watch2 Health Function screenshot

Remove second display showing when setting Always on Display

  • The second hand and the second display on selected watch faces is removed when Always On Display is turned on. This change only applies to the preloaded watch faces.

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