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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Software Update

Verizon se complace en anunciar una actualización de software para tu dispositivo. This software update has been tested to help optimize device performance, resolve known issues, apply the latest security patches and, when available, deliver new features.

Antes de descargar:

  • Conecta tu dispositivo a una red Wi-Fi o asegúrate de que tengas una conexión potente a la red de Verizon Wireless.
  • Ensure your battery is fully charged or connected to a charger before starting the software update.

Actualización del sistema 12

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 12.22.2023
Security Patch Level: December 2023
Software Version: R865USQU1HWL1 (40mm) / R875USQU1HWL1 (44mm)

Qué está cambiando:

The current software update provides improvements to your watch.

Samsung apps:

  • The following Samsung apps will remove "Samsung" from the app names for simplification. See "Wallet" in the below screenshot for an example:
    • Samsung Health > Health
    • Samsung Pay > Pay
    • Samsung Wallet > Wallet
    • Samsung Global Goals > Global Goals
Galaxy Watch Samsung apps screenshot

Actualización del sistema 11

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 09.18.2023
Software Version: R865USQU1HWH3 (40mm) / R875USQU1HWH3 (44mm)

Qué está cambiando:

This software update brings the latest WearOS 4 and One UI 5 updates to your Galaxy Watch4.

Watch faces

  • More watch faces will be available for you to download from the store and can be added to your watch faces selection.

Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN)

  • You can turn on the Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification from the Samsung Health app.
  • If an irregular heart rhythm is detected, the watch will display an IHRN notification recommending you take an ECG.
Galaxy Watch Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification screenshot
Galaxy Watch ECG screenshot

Camera Controller: Quick access

  • When taking a photo or video with the flex mode in your paired Z Flip or Z Fold phone, the watches camera controller icon appears automatically on the watch face, so you can easily take a photo or video from a distance.
Galaxy Watch Camera Controller screenshot Galaxy Watch Camera Controller screenshot

Encontrar mi teléfono

  • Finding your phone from your connected watch is now easier. In addition to receiving a ring tone, you can also check the location of the phone from the watch.
Galaxy Watch Find My Phone screenshot


  • If you press the Home button 5 times or a fall is detected, your watch will call an emergency number and send messages to emergency contacts.
Galaxy Watch SOS screenshot Galaxy Watch SOS screenshot

Sleep coaching

  • The new Sleep Insights experience prominently displays your sleep score to provide a clearer snapshot of the prior night's rest, followed by related metrics like sleep phases, snoring hours and blood oxygen levels.
  • Sleep Coaching — tailored around eight different sleep types — also becomes fully accessible directly on your Galaxy Watch as well as a paired phone, making for a more convenient and motivational way for you to track your habits anytime, anywhere.

Learn more from Samsung Global Newsroom: Better Sleep, Better Health: New One UI 5 Watch Shows First Look at Upcoming Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch Sleep Coaching screenshot

Actualización del sistema 10

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 05.19.2023
Software Version: R865USQU1GWDA (40mm) / R875USQU1GWDA (44mm)

Qué está cambiando:

This software update includes enhancements to Samsung Health and general performance improvements.

Samsung Health

Lap time: You can view your lap time by double-clicking the back key on your watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Laptime screenshot

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