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Servicios móviles basados en localización 

Learn how to manage location based services on your mobile devices. Manage third parties' access to your device's GPS location. Choose which apps, service and programs can access your location data.

    About Wireless Location Based Services

    Su dispositivo móvil puede determinar su propia ubicación física y geográfica (y también la suya)("Información de ubicación") y puede asociar la información sobre la ubicación con otros datos.

    Además, ciertas aplicaciones, servicios y programas pueden acceder a la información de localización además de recolectarla, almacenarla, utilizarla y divulgársela a terceros.

    To limit potential unauthorized access to your Location Information, Verizon mobile phones are preset to E911 only, which will only allow emergency response personnel to locate you if you dial 9-1-1 from your phone. Other wireless devices (such as broadband data cards or devices without a keypad or user interface) may or may not have such limitations and location settings available.

    Using Wireless Location Based Services

    You should use caution when determining whether or not Location Information should be made available to others and you should review any applicable third party privacy policies before providing access.

    To limit potential unauthorized access to your Location Information, Verizon offers various mechanisms and settings to manage access to location data.

    Permissions and Wireless Location Based Services

    By enabling location settings you are permitting third party access to Location Information through software, widgets or peripheral components you choose to download, add or attach to your wireless device or through web access, messaging capabilities or other means.

    By enabling location settings you are authorizing Verizon to collect, use and disclose your Location Information as appropriate to provide you with any location services that you enabled.