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The Samsung Fast Charge Power Bundle: 3 great charging accessories in one package


Get the complete charging solution for your smartphone, tablet and other devices. With a wireless charging stand, portable battery and compact vehicle charger, the Samsung Fast Charge Power Bundle has you covered when you need a quick refill at home, at work or on the go.

1. The Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

Looking for a wire-free way to charge your smartphone without compromising speed or reliability? Whether you’re working at the office, preparing a meal in your kitchen or watching a movie in your living room, the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand gives you a convenient way to charge Qi-compatible devices like the Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Apple iPhone 8 and Apple iPhone X without needing to plug into a wall charger or USB port. With its slim and unobtrusive design, it makes a great addition to your desk, nightstand or workstation.

Social engagements can't always be planned around your charging schedule. And that's why the Fast Charge Wireless Charging stand lets you check text messages and answer phone calls without interrupting your charge. Not that you'll be waiting around long. The included Fast Charge wall charger allows select smartphones to charge at speeds up to 9 watts,* while a built-in fan keeps your device at a cool and safe temperature throughout.

2. The Fast Charge Vehicle Charger

Gearing up for your next big family road trip? Spending your next holiday dinner at a relative's house out of state? Or maybe you just want a way to give your phone that extra bit of a fuel on your way to the office. No matter what your situation, keeping your smartphone, smart speaker, or other wireless accessory charged is a great way to stay connected and entertained. Conveniently sized to fit into your vehicle's 12V accessory socket, the Fast Charge Vehicle Charger helps make sure you never show up to work, school or an appointment with an empty battery. A 15 watt output fuels compatible devices from 0 to 50% battery life in just 40 minutes, while a 10 watt output works with other Micro USB and USB-C devices.†

3. The Fast Charge 5100mAh Portable Battery

Bring along an extra boost of energy in your pocket, backpack, suitcase or handbag. The convenient Fast Charge 5100mAh Portable Battery gives you an easy way to extend your battery life when you're on the go. Just plug in and fuel up your smartphone with up to 1.5 extra charges - no outlet required. Charge your USB-C compatible devices at standard 10 watt speeds, or step things up and switch to blazing 15 W speeds with select devices.‡ Just like the Fast Charge Vehicle Charger, the Fast Charge 5100mAh Portable Battery can return compatible smartphones from 0 to 50% battery life in only 40 minutes.†


Stay charged throughout the day. The Samsung Fast Charge Power Bundle gives you the ultimate combination of speed, reliability and convenience. And you can choose from a whole selection of great battery and charger accessories at Verizon.

* Cargar tu dispositivo de manera inalámbrica puede requerir de una cubierta de carga inalámbrica adicional (se vende por separado).  La carga rápida inalámbrica es compatible con el Galaxy Note5 y Galaxy S6 edge+ y los últimos modelos de las series Galaxy S y Galaxy Note. La velocidad de carga estándar se aplica a otros dispositivos, como el Galaxy S6 y el Galaxy S6 edge. Visita Samsung.com para consultar la compatibilidad. Probado bajo condiciones de laboratorio. Los resultados pueden variar. Requiere el cargador de pared incluido para funcionar como se indica. El uso inapropiado de la fuente de energía puede dañar la base de carga.

†El dispositivo debe ser compatible con la carga rápida adaptativa para poder usar esa función. Se probó el Galaxy S8 en condiciones de laboratorio. Los resultados variarán según el dispositivo.

‡Requiere un smartphone compatible.


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