More Americans trust Verizon as their wireless provider than any other company in the country. We have the highest network quality according to J.D. Power and the best streaming network according to Nielsen. We are the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, and the data from RootMetrics claims that we’ve been the best overall network for the last decade.

With those accolades comes great responsibility. You not only trust us to provide you with great service, but with great accessories to help maintain the superiority of the devices you use every day. Why Verizon? Here are two big reasons:

Verizon-Branded Chargers

Verizon offers you great Verizon-branded charging options so you can talk more, stream more, surf more and share more. It’s easy to power up your Verizon Wireless mobile device and stay connected. But whether you’re charging your new iPhone 12 to start the day, refueling your Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G in the afternoon or plugging in as you lay head to pillow at night, be confident that you’re connecting your device to a quality, capable charger.

Key Features

 - Smart charging technology

 - Optimized power output

 - Rigorous quality testing

 - Fully certified

 - 1 year warranty ensuring life of product


Designed for everyday life

 - Sleek design

 - Folding AC prongs

 - LED to indicate charging

 - Extended cable length

Every Verizon charger is tested for power efficiency, over voltage, over current, short circuit, thermal protection and interoperability between charger and devices to ensure safety and reliability. Each charger meets industry standards, manufactured with the highest degree of compatibility for you and your device. You don't want to spend your entire day next to an outlet, so each charger is optimized for the shortest charging time. The LED light illuminates when the chargers is providing full power so you know when you can unplug. And they were designed with you in mind, including folding AC prongs for convenient storage, cable length for ease of use and the best component and material to get the most out of your charger.

The packaging will contain all/some of the certificate logos, shown below, to easily identify that each product is produced under the highest safety standards and compatible with their device.

Check out all Verizon chargers today, including the sleek and compact Lightning Wall Charger, which comes with integrated auto-detect IC technology, improving compatibility rates.

Verizon Screen Protection

Protect your device with one of Verizon’s protection accessories for your smartphone or tablet. Simple but effective, Verizon’s got you covered. Each screen protector has the ability to defend your device against life’s wear and tear. As in, reliability and dependability.

Key Features

 - High Quality Material - Japanese AGC glass

 - Extended manufacturing process for durability and strength

 - Durable surface coating protects against scratches, and fingerprints

 - 3 X Shatter Protection than without a screen protector

 - Crystal clear transparency

 - Extra polishing for smooth edges and reduced chipping

 - High resistance to shattering or explosion

 - Optimal touch sensitivity

 - 7 Point Testing for premium quality

 - Tested for functionality on live phones

You shouldn't have to worry about a cracked screen or failing functionality. Our screen protectors offer 3x shatter protection (vs a phone without a protector) and our anti-explosion film provides shock and explosion resistance. Plus, our thoroughly-polished edges reduces chipping. Sharp edges and splintering lead to a poor customer experience so stick with a screen protector that alleviates those pitfalls.

For instance, the Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 11/iPhone XR provides outstanding clarity and is extremely smooth to the touch. No bubbles, no dust, no worries.

Unlock the full potential of your smartphone or tablet. Not only with the consistently fast speeds from the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, but with charging and screen protecting accessories from Verizon as well.

And be sure to visit our Accessories page today.


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