Smartphones and cases go hand-in-hand. Choose from the best cell phone cases available at Verizon.

Smartphone cases can prevent water damage, shield against drops, and keep your device safe from the kids. But you can also add a sense of style with the best cell phone cases available at Verizon.

The kate spade collection of cases for smartphones (including an option for the Samsung Galaxy S7) offers fashionable and function protection for your device. The stylish designer line offers a variety of printes and durable protection, featuring a hard shell and an impact-absorbing bumper.  

The sleek and elegant LifeProofTM cases can handle just about anything, including protecting your Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola against water, dirt, snow and shock. A rugged LifeProof case is a great choice if you love outdoor adventures.


For life's rough tumbles, OtterBox cases have you covered. These cases protect your smartphone from drops, bumps and dust. The built-in screen protector guards against scratches and smudges, and the rubber tabs block dirt from your volume control, charging port and headphone jack.

For power when you need it, consider a mophie pack such as the mophie juice pack for the iPhone 6 or 6s. Not only will a mophie pack extend battery life, but it also protects the phone from basic wear and tear.

Brawn meets beauty. Get the best of both worlds with the best Verizon cell phone cases.