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How to give a smartphone or tablet as a gift

It's hard to go wrong with gifting a smartphone or tablet. Here are some ways to make it the perfect gift.


From birthday to holiday, graduation to retirement, there’s one item that’s appropriate for all of your gift-giving occasions: a smartphone or tablet.

Giving the gift of a smartphone or tablet shows you want your loved ones to be connected, informed, organized and entertained. Not many other gifts hold such promise. There are a variety of ways to make someone's day with the gift of a smartphone or tablet:

How to choose the right smartphone

When it comes to smartphones, the list of things you can do with them keeps growing. Beyond calling and texting, you can web-surf, take and share great pics, email friends and catch up on the news. You can even read your favorite digital magazine or use your smartphone as a GPS device, gaming console, flashlight, radio or alarm clock.

With that in mind, think about how your loved one would use a smartphone. Does he travel a lot? Consider a compact design that makes it easier to carry around. Is she a fitness buff? Look for a smartphone that monitors her heart rate.

Here are some other features worth noting:

  • Large HD displays for better viewing, like on the Samsung Galaxy Note5. This feature is ideal for watching movies, playing games and working on the go.
  • Security features, such as a fingerprint sensor found on the Samsung Galaxy S7, help keep data safe and secure.
  • Multitasking options help you get more done, with the capability to use two apps at once, such as with the LG G Vista.
  • Physical QWERTY keyboards offer a familiar experience.
  • Pedometers to count your steps, available on the LG G5, will help your loved one achieve their fitness goals.
  • Push-to-talk feature to use your phone like a walkie-talkie (shop smartphones with push-to-talk) come in handy on a job site.
  • What operating system does it use: Android™, iOS, Windows Phone®, BlackBerry®? Learn which operating system is right for your loved one.

How to pick the right tablet

But maybe your loved one would prefer a tablet, which would let them stay connected and entertained on the go while enjoying the benefits of a larger screen. And because a tablet is still more compact than a laptop, it could help them unwind, stay productive or get some work while out and about.

You’ll also want to consider 3G vs. 4G, screen size and other features you think they’d need most. Verizon offers a variety of tablets that can take advantage of its 4G LTE network. Some great options to check out include the Samsung Galaxy Tab E or the Verizon Ellipsis™ 8.

Consider pay-as-you-go convenience

If you want to gift a smartphone without taking on a regular monthly bill, you might want to look into giving the gift of a Verizon Prepaid monthly plan on a new 3G or 4G LTE smartphone. On a No Annual Contract Plan, get America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network with no annual contract, fees or overages. For the gift that truly keeps on giving, add a little extra money to the account here and there so you can enjoy cool apps, ringtones, web surfing and more.

Great Verizon Wireless prepaid phones include the HTC Desire® 626, the Moto E™ by Motorola and the Samsung Galaxy J1™. If there’s already a smartphone on hand, it’s easy to activate it online. Get more data when you need it with our flexible data packages.

Gift a smartphone or tablet

You can save yourself time and a long-term commitment by purchasing a smartphone or tablet at retail price and letting your loved one sign up for the plan. The newest models range from $499-$699, but you can find older models or Certified Pre-Owned phones for less than that. You buy the phone or tablet, and then let your loved one pay the charges for the services he or she wants.

When in doubt, go for a gift card

Having trouble finding which smartphone or tablet to give? Think Verizon Wireless gift card, and give your special someone the opportunity to choose exactly the right phone or tablet. Choose from $25, $50, $75 or $100 cards to fit your budget. Use toward a new device or accessory purchase online or at any Verizon Wireless store, or even to pay a Verizon Wireless bill.

No matter the occasion, the gift of a smartphone from Verizon Wireless is sure to win you major points.


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