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The case for a wireless charging pad

Battery-life worries are a thing of the past when you have one of our favorite accessories—the wireless charging pad.


Most of us rely on our phones or tablets to do crucial, time-sensitive tasks like coordinating meetings, picking restaurants, finding directions and downloading files. As a result, our daily productivity is somewhat dependent upon phone battery life. When the battery dies, we grieve as if we’ve lost a dear friend.

Thanks to wireless charging, however, you could walk into the nearest coffee shop, place your phone on a charging pad, drink a latte and walk out recharged.


Cómo funciona

Wireless, or "inductive," charging uses electromagnetic and magnetic energy to wirelessly power your mobile devices. Simply set your phone on the charging pad, which will detect the presence of your device and communicate with your phone's charging case to transmit electromagnetic power. Keep a wireless charging station at home, in your car or at work to stay juiced up on the go.


Option 1: built-in wireless charging

Verizon offers several smartphones that have built-in wireless charging capability or are compatible with wireless chargers. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge offer built-in wireless charging, which is convenient when you don’t have your regular charger but can place the phone on a pad, stand or dock. That’s also the case with the Droid Turbo 2 by motorola.


Option 2: wireless charging accessories

Don't have built-in wireless charging? You could pair a universal smartphone wireless charging pad and a compatible phone featuring a special back cover (typically sold separately).

With the VÜ Wireless Charging Pad, you can place your compatible smartphone in portrait or landscape position to better view your content while replenishing your battery. Just place the phone on the pad and the charging starts. Pick it up, and charging stops.

The wireless charging pad could be the difference between life and (battery) death for your phone. Choose the former.


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