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Care Smart FAQs

Información general

  1. What is Care Smart?

    Care Smart is a service for seniors that supports their independence and keeps them connected with the people they care about most.

    Care Smart includes:

    • A watch for seniors to wear with easy-to-use features, like simplified texting and one-touch emergency contact calling
    • A companion app that provides location and step counting for the senior, which can be used by the senior, caregivers and additional trusted family and friends

  2. ¿Cuánto cuesta Care Smart?

    The Care Smart watch costs $149.99 (a one-time purchase).

    You'll also pay $10/month for the watch to have a Verizon line of service. This monthly cost includes unlimited calling, texting* and data usage for the watch.

    *Care Smart watch wearers can only make and receive calls to and from people on their Care Smart Contacts list, and can only send and receive messages to and from Administrators and Trusted Contacts.

  3. ¿Quién es elegible para Care Smart?

    You can add the Care Smart watch to a Verizon wireless standard account* with fewer than 10 lines. If you don't have an eligible account, you activate the Care Smart watch on its own account.

    The Care Smart app is compatible with:

    • Android™ smartphones
    • Apple® iPhone®

    Administrators and Trusted Contacts can download and use the Care Smart app on their compatible device, even if their wireless service is with another carrier.

    *Care Smart can't be added to prepaid, business or government accounts at this time.

    Android es una marca comercial registrada de Google, Inc. Apple, iPhone y iPad son marcas comerciales registradas de Apple Inc.

  4. How do I get Care Smart?

  5. Will Care Smart use my data?

    The monthly cost for Care Smart service includes data usage for the watch. It won't use your shared data, and you don't need to purchase additional data for it.

    When using the Care Smart app on your phone or tablet, data usage applies according to the data plan for your phone or tablet.

Using the Care Smart watch

  1. How do I set up my Care Smart watch?

  2. How do I use my Care Smart watch?

  3. Who can I call and text with the Care Smart watch?

    When you first set up the Care Smart watch, you’ll create a Care Smart Contacts list, which you’ll be able to access from the watch.

    You can use your Care Smart watch to call anyone in your Care Smart Contacts list. But you can only send and receive texts with Administrators and Trusted Contacts, which helps prevent fraud.

    You can manage your Contacts list anytime through the Care Smart app. You can have up to 10 total contacts.

  4. Does Care Smart use location tracking?

    Yes, Care Smart uses location tracking to provide you with:

    • Peace of mind locating your loved one while enabling independence
    • Real-time tracking with pinpoint accuracy
    • One-touch location sharing with the Contacts list from the watch

    Consent to location tracking is required during pairing. The watch will receive notifications about location tracking 24 hours after pairing is complete and at 30-day intervals thereafter. Estas notificaciones permiten a los usuarios saber que se está compartiendo su ubicación con los contactos de confianza.

    For more information, see the Care Smart Privacy Policy.

  5. Who can see the location of the Care Smart watch?

    Only Administrators and Trusted Contacts with the Care Smart app linked to the Care Smart watch can view the watch's location.

  6. How often should I charge the Care Smart watch?

    The maximum battery life for the Care Smart watch is 2.5 days. We recommend charging it every night.

  7. Is Care Smart waterproof?

    The Care Smart watch is water-resistant. It's safe to wear in the rain and the shower, but it's not recommended for swimming.

    Learn more about preventing dust and water damage.

Using the Care Smart app

  1. How do I set up the Care Smart app?

  2. How do I use the Care Smart app?

  3. Can I have more than one watch on my Care Smart account?

    Yes, you can have multiple Care Smart watches linked to your Care Smart account, so you can care for more than one family member through a single app.

  4. Can I add 911 as a contact in the Care Smart app?

    Care Smart watches aren't compatible with 911 or similar emergency telephone number systems. For fraud protection, they only allow calls between numbers on their Contacts list, and only 10-digit numbers are able to be set as Contacts. You can't program 911 as one of the numbers to call.

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