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Google Pixel 4a - Actualización de software

Verizon se complace en anunciar una actualización de software para tu dispositivo. This software update has been tested to help optimize device performance, resolve known issues, apply the latest security patches and, when available, deliver new features.

Antes de descargar:

  • Conecta tu dispositivo a una red Wi-Fi o asegúrate de que tengas una conexión potente a la red de Verizon Wireless.
  • Asegúrate de que la batería esté completamente cargada antes de iniciar la actualización del software.

Actualización del sistema 33

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 04.03.2023
Android™ Security Patch Level: April 2023
Software Version: TQ2A.230405.003

Qué está cambiando:

La actualización del software actual te ofrece los parches de seguridad de Android más actualizados para tu dispositivo.

Actualización del sistema 32

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 03.13.2023
Android Security Patch Level: March 2023
Software Version: TQ2A.230305.008.C1

Qué está cambiando:

The current software update provides enhancements and addresses issues with your device:

  • Security:
    • The most up to date Android security patches on your device.
  • App issues:
    • That kept the display on while certain app activities were active.
    • That prevented screenshots from being captured in certain apps.
    • That prevented Wallpaper and style settings from opening.
  • Battery & charging issues:
    • That occasionally caused app-specific battery restriction settings to be reset after a software update.
  • Bluetooth:
    • An issue that prevented Android Auto to connect wirelessly with certain vehicle headsets.
    • Enhancement for connection stability with certain Bluetooth LE headsets or accessories.
  • Framework issue:
    • That prevented the keyboard from displaying in certain apps or conditions.
  • Sensors:
    • Enhancements for adaptive brightness response in certain conditions.
  • System:
    • Enhancements for system stability and performance in certain conditions.
    • Kernel updates to 4.14.295.
  • Telephony:
    • Enhancements for network connection stability and performance in certain conditions.
  • User interface sporadic issues:
    • On-device search results launched apps in work profile.
    • Text entries in Battery Usage settings overlapped each other while scrolling.
    • Home screen UI appeared to be blurry in certain conditions.
    • Lag or delay when switching between apps while third-party launcher apps were in use.
    • Inner launcher icons appeared clipped after closing a folder.
    • Input text overlapped inside search bar.
    • Media player notification appeared cut off or trimmed.
    • Navigation UI displayed over Assistant interface.
    • Notification drawer appeared empty or blank.
    • Overview screen panels displayed over home screen.
    • Quick Settings tiles became activated when the menu wasn't pulled down.
    • Screen unlock overlapped with notifications, home screen or other UI elements.
    • Silent mode icon appeared hidden or missing from status bar.
    • App icon size scaled incorrectly when changing display size.
    • Prevented screenshot sharing or editing when overlay buttons tapped.
    • Prevented haptic feedback when interacting with notification drawer in certain conditions.
  • General enhancements to UI transitions and animations:
    • Home screen icon behavior when switching between different grid sizes.
    • Status bar layout and response in certain device orientations.
  • Wi-Fi:
    • Enhancements to Wi-Fi network connection stability and performance in certain conditions.

Actualización del sistema 31

Los detalles:

Fecha de lanzamiento: 02.06.2023
Android Security Patch Level: February 2023
Software Version: TQ1A.230205.002

Qué está cambiando:

This software update includes:

  • Security:
    • The most up to date Android security patches for your device.
  • Accessibility issue:
    • That prevented touch interaction with Braille keyboard under certain conditions.
  • Bluetooth® issues:
    • That occasionally prevented connection with certain Bluetooth devices or accessories.
  • Framework issue:
    • That occasionally prevented Work profile calendar information from updating in the background.