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Términos del programa Verizon Up

In these Verizon Up Program Terms, you'll find important information about Verizon Up, including our ability to make changes to Verizon Up or the Verizon Up Program Terms.

"We", "our" or "us" refers to Verizon Wireless. "You" or "your" refers to you.

Definitions of capitalized terms can be found in our Verizon Up FAQs.

By enrolling in Verizon Up (''Up''), you are accepting the Verizon Up Program Terms, and agree that you

  1. Eres mayor de 18 años
  2. Has leído y comprendido estos Términos del Programa
  3. Puedes descargar la nueva My Verizon app en tu dispositivo móvil
  4. Eres residente de los Estados Unidos (excluyendo los territorios de Guam, Puerto Rico y las Islas Vírgenes)

The Up Program is separate from any other rewards or loyalty program previously or currently offered by Verizon Wireless, and is subject to the Verizon Wireless Customer Agreement. Any other rewards or loyalty program is governed by terms of that program. These Program Terms and the documents it incorporates form the entire agreement between us with respect to the Verizon Up Program.

Overview of Verizon Up

Verizon Up is a rewards program for Verizon Wireless customers that offers one (1) new Verizon Up reward per month, in addition to Bonus Rewards and the chance to claim Super Tickets, just for being a Verizon customer. Verizon Up rewards can be claimed through the My Verizon app. Any information collected by us based on your participation in Verizon Up is governed by the Verizon Privacy Policy.

Eligibility for Verizon Up

Membership is free and available to consumers on a postpaid account in good standing with a My Verizon account on a smartphone or tablet. While all Verizon Wireless customers are eligible to join Verizon Up, certain activities, such as claiming a Monthly Reward, can only be performed by account owners/managers. More information about Verizon Up is available on our website,

Administrar tu cuenta

You can view your account's Device Dollars balance and available rewards, and manage your Verizon Up account from the My Verizon App. By enrolling in Verizon Up and participating in the program, you agree that we may send you information about Verizon Up via email, mail, text or push notifications through the My Verizon app on your smartphone or tablet. Any enrolled Verizon Up members may receive additional rewards from time to time.


Las recompensas se seleccionan detenidamente para ti y se pueden cambiar en cualquier momento según la disponibilidad, la ubicación geográfica y las preferencias. Se aplicarán diferentes términos a cada recompensa, los cuales pueden incluir una fecha de vencimiento o requerir que usted comparta información con la compañía que ofrece la recompensa. No somos responsables por el contenido o las recompensas provistas por los socios de recompensas. La información que proporcionas al socio de recompensas para reclamar o usar una recompensa queda sujeta a la política de privacidad del socio de recompensas. When you claim and use a reward, you release Verizon Wireless and all of its affiliates from liability for your claim and/or usage, and for your participation in Verizon Up. Only account owners/managers can claim and use Monthly Rewards. All account roles can claim and use Bonus Rewards and Super Tickets. Any enrolled Verizon Up members may receive additional rewards from time to time.

How to Claim Monthly Rewards

Only account owners/managers can claim Monthly Rewards. Your account will be able to claim one (1) new Monthly Reward every month that you're a customer of Verizon and your account is in good standing. Account owners/managers have the duration of a calendar month to claim one (1) reward from the Monthly Rewards selection. Once a Monthly Reward is claimed from the selection, new Monthly Rewards cannot be claimed again until the beginning of the next month (this does not include Bonus Rewards, Super Tickets or additional rewards). Monthly Rewards have no fixed or cash value and can only be used as designated in each individual reward's details and terms and conditions. Monthly Rewards claimed may not be sold or transferred to another Verizon Wireless account. Check your Verizon Up account and individual reward details for information about expiration dates that may apply to claimed rewards.

Verizon Up Presale Tickets

Verizon Up members have early access to tickets before the general public during the sales window indicated for each specific event. Presale tickets are available to all enrolled Verizon Up members, including account owners, managers, and line members. There is a limit of 4 presale tickets per Verizon Up member and event date. Presale tickets are limited in quantity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. Purchasing a presale ticket will not affect the ability to claim other rewards.

In order to unlock the Verizon ticket offers, Verizon Up members must first authenticate on the ticket seller website using their Verizon login credentials. Once authenticated, Verizon Up members must log in to an existing ticket seller account or create a new one to purchase presale tickets. Tickets are subject to the rules, terms and conditions, and fees set by the ticket seller. Verizon is not liable for replacing any lost, mutilated or stolen tickets or event passes. Tickets are fulfilled by the ticket seller, subject to availability and may be changed or revoked at any time. See ticket seller website for full terms and conditions.

While Verizon provides access to the presale tickets on the ticket seller website, Verizon does not own, develop or control the ticket seller website or any content or third party links included on it and ticket seller’s policies apply to your use of their website.

Super Tickets

Super Tickets are rewards for certain entertainment and sporting events located around the country. Super Tickets también pueden incluir acceso especial a recompensas de cantidades limitadas. All account users, including enrolled line members, are eligible to claim Super Tickets. Super Tickets may only be claimed once every six (6) months, while high-value Super Tickets may only be claimed once every twenty-four (24) months per account. Super Tickets are available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last. Claiming a Super Ticket will not affect the ability of an account owner/manager to claim a Monthly Reward.

Los Super Tickets no tienen valor en en efectivo ni equivalente y no se pueden intercambiar, transferir, revender o cambiar por dinero, mercadería o servicios. Si pones a la venta un Super Ticket o vendes un Super Ticket, las entradas no se podrán usar y quedarán anuladas. If, after claiming the Super Ticket, the Super Ticket becomes unavailable, we, in our sole discretion, may substitute a Super Ticket of similar or greater value. No se incluye el transporte hacia/desde el evento. La fecha y el horario del evento, como también los asientos los establecemos nosotros a nuestra total discreción y están sujetos a cambios. If you or your guest(s) cannot attend on the specified event date, the Super Ticket will be forfeited. We are not liable for replacing any lost, mutilated or stolen tickets, event passes, or reward codes. If the event, or any events in connection with it, do not take place as scheduled, or are cancelled for any reason, including due to Acts of God (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, and floods), acts of terrorism, civic disturbances, work stoppage or any other natural disaster, that portion of the Super Ticket will not be offered and no additional substitution or compensation will be provided. Cualquier impuesto federal, estatal y/o local sobre los ingresos o de otro tipo que fuera aplicable al Super Ticket será responsabilidad de cada ganador. Es probable que nos soliciten que informemos los montos gravables a la autoridad fiscal pertinente.

You and your guest(s) agree to comply with all applicable terms, rules and regulations including, but not limited to, venue regulations, Super Ticket terms and conditions, and any other terms and conditions listed on the back of the ticket. You and any guest(s) attending a Super Ticket event must be 18 or older, or must be accompanied by an adult, unless otherwise stated in the specific Super Ticket terms. Must be twenty-one (21) or over to drink alcohol at the event(s). We and the venue reserve the right to deny entry to, or remove you and your guest(s) from the venue if you or your guest(s) engage in disruptive behavior with no further compensation or liability of any kind to you or your guest(s) (as applicable). Neither we nor the venue shall have any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any property loss, damage, personal injury, or death, in connection with any Super Ticket provided as part of the Verizon Up program and/or any person's participation in the event or related events. Use of the Super Ticket and/or attendance at the event and related events constitutes your permission for us and our agencies to use yours or your guest's name(s), comments and/or likenesses and photos in advertisements and social media for purposes of advertising and trade without further compensation to you or your guest(s), unless prohibited by law.

Cancelación o cambios en su cuenta de Up

If you terminate your Verizon Wireless Account, your Verizon Up account will be closed and you will forfeit any rewards in your Verizon Up account. We may monitor Verizon Up Accounts and member activity for compliance with the Program Terms. We can suspend or terminate your Verizon Up Account at any time. You may lose rewards or the ability to claim new rewards in your Verizon Up account if your Verizon Wireless account status changes, you fail to make payments on your Verizon Wireless account, we suspect fraudulent activity, you sell any tickets or Super Tickets you receive from Verizon Up, or we make changes to the Verizon Up program. Podemos modificar estos Términos del Programa en cualquier momento. You may access the Program Terms on the My Verizon App to review changes to Verizon Up or the Program Terms. If you continue to remain in Verizon Up after the program or Program Terms change, it means you are accepting the changes to Verizon Up and the Program Terms.

Limitación de responsabilidad

You and we agree to limit claims against each other for damages or other monetary relief to direct damages. Esta limitación y exención se aplicará independientemente de la teoría de responsabilidad. Esta limitación de responsabilidad también se aplica en caso de reclamaciones contra las compañías que ofrecen las recompensas, en la medida en que estaríamos obligados a indemnizar a dichas compañías por la reclamación. Usted acepta que no seremos responsables por problemas causados por la compañía que otorga la recompensa ni por el patrocinador del evento, por usted, por terceros o por casos fortuitos.

dditional Questions and Concerns

Please review our Verizon Up FAQs from our website,
Llámanos al número 1-866-895-5579 para obtener asistencia.