Before you hit the road, pack these for a smooth journey.

1. Portable phone charger

You want to search for the perfect seashell, not an outlet. A mophie® charger such as the mophie® powerstation plus 12000 with Switch-Tip Cable for your Apple device or micro USB-enabled device will keep your phone powered—no outlet required. Just pick the best one for your trip, plug in your phone’s cable and charge.

2. Smart upgrade for your car

hum by Verizon makes sure you ease on down the road (trip). With hum, you can be sure you’re making good time with driving history stats like gas usage and distances covered. hum helps keep you safe with automatic crash detection and roadside assistance when you need it—and can even help find your parked car. Plus, hum can tell you what that check engine light means—in plain English—and help you remember every oil change with maintenance reminders to keep your ride in tip-top shape. hum works with most cars 1996 and newer.

3. Spare memory card

If your phone has expandable memory, get an extra memory card so you can document everything, including footage of that time your uncle threw the strawberry shake out the window—with the window still up. Store music and movies as well to keep the kids occupied in the car or to wind down at the hotel.

4. Bluetooth car speaker

When the Jabra® Freeway Bluetooth® Speaker is synced to your phone, you can talk without fumbling for your phone. The dual-mic speakerphone clips to your car’s visor and filters out background noise so you can be heard clearly, even amidst traffic and road noise. It also works great as a music player, so the whole family can sing along while cruising down the highway.

5. Noise-canceling headphones

There are moments in any journey when you need to tune out for a little bit. Bose® QuietComfort® 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones offer deep, clear sound while removing noise from the outside world, so even if you end up sitting behind the world’s loudest baby during a lunch stop, you can eat in peace and quiet.

6. Travel Bundle from Verizon

Protect and charge your phone with a travel bundle—you’ll save money by getting several accessories at once. Items in the bundle could include a case, in-car charger or screen protector. Find a travel bundle that fits your phone.


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