Are you using your S Pen to its maximum potential? Learn about some of the ways you may not be using it-and how it keeps getting better.

The Samsung S Pen™ is now loaded with even more advanced features for the Samsung Galaxy Note5. Here are some of the top new features and ways to use an S Pen:

1. Find and share info fast

Quickly grab content, then save or share it with the Smart Select feature for the new S Pen. If you grab an address, for example, Smart Select will let you jump to Google Maps™so you can get directions. This function is great for adding locations to calendar items, too.

2. Create your own e-cards

You can also use Smart Select to grab images from two or three sources, make a collage, add text using calligraphy and, voilá! You’ve just created a personalized electronic birthday card to send to your BFF.

3. Get fancy with pen effects

Dress up your social posts with calligraphy and fountain pen effects. Want to add beautiful handwritten captions to your photos? This stylus lets you do so with ease.

4. Take better notes

You've just spent two hours in a room with a bunch of co-workers, brainstorming ideas and drawing up a long to-do list on whiteboards. Now what? With the S Pen and the Galaxy Note5's Snap Note, just snap a photo. Edit your genius scribbles to delete, organize or rewrite sections of content, then send the latest file to everyone who was in attendance-even if they don't have the Snap Note app.

Even if you haven't upgraded to the Note5, the S Pen still offers some impressive capabilities. Here are a few other things to try:

5. Translate your scribbles

With Air Command's Action Memo feature, just jot down and save that important note. Transcribe it from handwriting to text to create a quick grocery or to-do list.

6. Save stuff for later

Scrapbook makes remembering worthwhile web finds easier than ever. Circle any video, image, web page or text excerpt and compile your own digital scrapbook with links to get back to that original source of inspiration.

7. Retrieve anything

Easily retrieve information with S Finder™ by searching through your notes, gallery, scrapbook and the web using your assigned tags, notes or date parameters.

8. Do two things at once

Keep your favorite apps close with Air Command's Pen Window feature. Create your own app tray by drawing a window anywhere on any screen-so you never have to stop what you're doing to answer a text message or send an email.

Amp up your mobile experience—for fun and function—with the latest, greatest S Pen from Samsung.

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