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Deck out your Ellipsis 10 HD with these 4 great tablet accessories


The Ellipsis 10 HD provides big entertainment on a 10-inch Full HD display. And you can unlock its full potential by equipping it with a few of Verizon’s hottest accessories. Check out a sample of the add-ons Verizon has to offer.

The Speck Balance Folio Case.

The right tablet case should involve more than just protection. It should offer quality materials, handy versatility and eye-catching style. The Speck Balance Folio Case delivers on all three. Its ultra-thin material keeps your tablet light, while still protecting it from falls of up to 4 feet.* Want to watch a movie, type a letter or read an article? Fold the folio case into multiple viewing angles and pick which one is right for the situation.

The Incipio Faraday Folio Case.

The Ellipsis 10 HD can provide users with years of entertainment. And protective folio cases can help make sure it keeps running smoothly. The Incipio Faraday Folio Case was built tough with a rigid Plextonium polycarbonate shell and vegan leather front cover. It defends against shock and fall damage that might otherwise affect your device. A microfiber lining shields the screen from scratches while the magnetic fold-over closure keeps the tablet securely inside the case.

The Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

You use your tablet’s screen to access all of your favorite apps and programs. And a damaged screen can limit the functionality of the device. That’s why it’s so important to keep your screen protected. The Tempered Glass Screen Protector provides premium scratch protection. It’s ultra-thin, preserving the clarity and sensitivity of the Ellipsis 10 HD. With an application process that’s simple and bubble-free, it helps prevent damage while also repelling face and finger oils that can build up from repeat use.

The ZAGG Folio Case with Keyboard.

Work happens. And when it does, it helps to have an easy way to get down to writing. So whether you’re emailing your boss, drafting an essay or messaging to your friends, the ZAGG Folio Case with Keyboard can help. It connects directly to the Ellipsis 10 HD, providing 135° of viewing angles to choose from. Its keys are spaced out and backlit, making it easy to keep on typing even in a dark room. With 3 different brightness levels, you can pick the option that works best for you. And once you’re done you can wake and put your Ellipsis 10 HD to sleep just by opening and closing the cover.

Gear up.

Get the most out of the Ellipsis 10 HD. Reinforce your device, give it a hot new look or increase its functionality. Check out verizonwireless.com to learn more.

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