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With the significant safety risks posed by distracted driving - and the number of states cracking down on mobile device usage behind the wheel - it's more important than ever for drivers to find hands-free solutions to take calls in the car. However, many older cars don't have a built-in Bluetooth option, and some newer ones that have it don't provide quality sound.

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker offers an answer. This Bluetooth car kit is rated as the best of its kind by multiple websites, including and Top Ten Reviews.

Here are five features of the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker that assist in going hands-free:

1. Clear, strong sound

The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker has 3 built-in speakers that deliver crisp, high-quality audio. “Not only were they the loudest speakers in our tests, but the Freeway’s call quality was also the clear winner on both ends of the line,” writes Top Ten Reviews.

2. Background noise filtering

In addition to maintaining sound quality, the Jabra speaker system also comes with a noise filtering feature. Two microphones and an internal signal processor help separate the caller's voice from ambient road and car noise, making it "one of the most effective noise reduction systems available," according to Top Ten Reviews. The website tested the system in multiple locations, such as on the highway and in the city. "In each environment, the Freeway received the highest quality markets on both ends of the call," the editors note.

3. Automatic shut-off

Some Bluetooth speakers require users to manually turn them on and off. This can leave drivers fumbling around in transit. The Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker eliminates this problem by being motion-activated - automatically turning the speakerphone on and off when the driver enters and exits the car.

4. Voice controls

The Jabra system allows users to control their phones with their voice, so that they can keep eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. “You can use your voice to make calls, answer, end, re-dial and reject calls,” writes “If you want to use Voice Assist to receive and send Facebook updates, Twitter messages, emails and text messages, you can easily set up a Voice Assist subscription,” the reviewer notes. “This is great value for the price.”

5. Long battery life

A Bluetooth device is only as good as its battery. In the case of the Jabra Freeway Bluetooth Speaker, motorists can count on 14 hours of use between charges. The kit comes with a USB cord and in-car charger, so powering up doesn't require removing the device from the vehicle.

Today's drivers need to have their hands free for driving, and not fiddling with devices. The Jabra Freeway Speaker makes this possible, without compromising the sound quality of calls, music or talk radio. "If hands-free calling is your main priority," Top Ten Reviews reports, "then the Freeway is your best choice."

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