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3 nuevos audífonos JBL Everest inalámbricos que facilitan la vida

El Asistente de Google llega a JBL para llevar la experiencia con tus audífonos inalámbricos al siguiente nivel.

3 new JBL Everest headphones


The Everest collection from JBL combines the elevated audio experience you’ve come to expect from JBL, but with a twist. The latest models are equipped with Google Assistant, meaning users can control their music, review daily schedules and receive notifications on the fly, all without reaching for their smartphones. “Say things like, ‘volume up,’ ‘tell me about my day’ or ‘play some pop music,’” Engadget reports.

And with in-ear (110GA), on-ear (310GA) and over-ear (710GA) options, there's a fit for everyone. Each is crafted for comfort with lightweight memory foam, and each delivers studio-quality sound, ergonomic design, reliable wireless connectivity and quick charging.

Learn about JBL’s latest wireless audio devices below. 

JBL Everest 110GA

Whether at the gym or on the trail, the JBL Everest 100GA in-ear phones provide a low profile and solid seal, with the Google Assistant button located on an inline remote. “They’re obviously built for someone who wants a pair of in-ear headphones that won’t fall out,” writes Headphone Review. “And they’re clearly perfect for sports.”

Fortunately, JBL didn't sacrifice battery life or audio quality for portability. Users will get a full eight hours of charge and solid in-ear fidelity. "The low-mids are relatively warm and present without straying into muddy territory," Headphone Review goes on, "while the high-mids and low-highs seem to have quite a boost."

JBL Everest 310GA

For those who want to split the difference between in-ear and full “can,” the midsize JBL Everest 310GA rests on the ear, resulting in a fit Wirecutter praises for its comfort and softness. Users can expect up to 20 hours of battery life, with a full recharge coming in only two hours.

Another unique feature of the 310GA and larger 710GA: JBL’s ShareMe 2.0 technology allows pairing for a second Bluetooth device, so streaming audio can be simultaneously pumped into a friend’s headphones. As PCMag.com points out, the paired phones “[don’t even] have to be ones from JBL, which is cool.”

JBL Everest 710GA

A true over-ear headphone for the ultimate in immersive audio, the JBL Everest 710GA features a simple three-button control on the right ear cup, and pushes battery life up to a full 25 hours. There’s also a built-in wireless mic for calls and voice recording, and an ear jack for those times when a wired setup is preferred.

The 710GA model’s standout feature, however, is its audio performance, highlighted by the signature balance of JBL. “In this price range, the headphones go head-to-head with some very strong contenders,” says PCMag.com. “[They] set themselves apart by delivering restrained bass response rather than the booming sound that's currently in fashion. They're also exceptionally comfortable, and well-suited to long listening sessions.” 

Learn more about JBL headphones and accessories available from Verizon, and be sure to visit our Audio page today.


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