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Audífonos intrauriculares JBL Free: una experiencia verdaderamente inalámbrica e increíble

Ajuste excelente, controles simples, una batería de 24 horas de duración y un diseño sin cables.


If you run, bike, hike or lift weights, snaking audio wires from your head to your smartphone can be a pain-even more so when the occasional snag rips your buds right out of your ears. The obvious solution is to go wireless, but dialing in fit, functionality and sound quality can be tricky.

Enter the JBL Free Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphones, a new breed of cordless personal audio, available from Verizon, that beams rich sound from your device to via 4.1 Bluetooth. Just pop them in and get moving, with no need to worry about them shaking loose or dropping a signal.

If you’re considering wireless in-ear audio, read on to learn four reasons why JBL’s latest have earned the audio press’s praise.

1. Comfortable fit

For workouts, fit is a make-or-break consideration of in-ear audio equipment. Lose a earbud mid-run or mid-ride, and it’s likely gone for good. Bicycling magazine not only praises the sleek design of the JBL Free, but also the fact that they come with both interchangeable ear tips and extra gel sleeves, providing a “tight fit during workouts.” And Rizknows.com points out that they’re sweat- and water-resistant, and that “short of violent head motions … you should be just fine.”

2. Exceptional sound quality

A snug fit also helps achieve the best listening experience, because loose earbuds are a recipe for thin, sub-par sound. In its tests of the JBL Free earphones, Technically Well notes that “highs and mids sound good and bass is prominent” with a tight seal. They also exceed the expectations of the editors at Majorhifi.com, who praise their “clear audio with a progressive midrange, decent highs and a relaxed bass line.” They note that audiophiles typically pay a lot more for this type of fidelity and, compared to other wireless in-ear headphones they’ve tested, JBL “checks out as pretty darn good.”



3. Simple on-ear controls

Not all earbuds feature on-ear adjustment, which can lead to inconvenient fiddling with your smartphone. JBL wisely added controls to both buds, improving ease of use. “You really only need to remember two for each side,” says Electromodo. “Answer calls and play/pause on the right, skip forward or back on the left.” They can also pair with a phone via Bluetooth by holding the button on the right bud for five seconds—no added apps or software required. Tech Radar points out that the JBL Free’s Bluetooth compatibility also makes them useful “for hands-free calling, even as a mono single bud.”

4. Excellent battery life

A full four hours of music playback time impresses CNET, which in testing observed that 15 minutes of charge time recouped an hour’s worth of juice, and that all told the case holds “enough power for another 20 hours.” That combined 24 hours—a full day of charge—leads Android Headlines to conclude that JBL “offers more battery life than plenty of [other] options,” so you can listen longer.

Learn more about the JBL Free Truly Wireless In-Ear Headphones and be sure to visit Verizon's Audio page today.


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