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LG TONE PRO delivers quality sound at an affordable price

All-around comfort — with a price to match


It’s a buyer’s market for Bluetooth headsets, but the LG TONE PRO cuts through the noise with robust features and all-around comfort. And as PCMag notes, the “wallet-friendly price tag” doesn’t hurt either.

Here are 5 ways the LG TONE PRO improves your listening experience: 

1. Comfort: The headset includes hidden magnetic earbuds and fine, low-profile wires. The design follows the nape of the wearer’s neck, promoting comfort. “The headset is comfortable around the neck and kind of blends in after time,” Poc Network writes. “It is super-lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down.”

2. High-quality audio: The TONE PRO boasts Advanced Quad-Layer Speaker Technology to balance the audio levels. “Standard audio playback was a dream,” Gearburn writes. Unexpected standout feature? “Surprisingly meaty bass.”


3. Goodbye, noise: Background noise seeping in or interrupting calls is a common concern with Bluetooth headsets. But the TONE PRO is equipped with a dual MEMS microphone, which keeps out ambient noise — so users can still hear each other clearly, even in a noisy space.

4. Rich voice features: Headsets these days are expected to do more than simply play music or take phone calls. The TONE PRO integrates the Tone & Talk smartphone app, which records voice memos and reads messages and alerts from social media. Additionally, the headset gives voice alerts when the battery is low, the power is on or the vibration is engaged.

5. Vibration mode: The headset vibrates for incoming messages and calls, something that Poc Network calls “a unique feature we haven’t found in anything we have tested before. We found it to be quite useful in quiet situations,” they add. “The vibration in the headset is kind of hard to ignore, so it guarantees you won’t miss the phone call (or at least know that it is there).”

The LG TONE PRO is a solid and affordable set of headphones you can feel good about — both in your ears and in your wallet.


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