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Must-have accessories for the LG G5™


Life’s good when you play more, and your LG G5™ smartphone lets you do just that. Transform your phone into more than you ever imagined possible with innovative audio, visual, and functional modules. For instance, convert your LG G5 into a “real-feel” camera with the inventive LG CAM Plus module (sold separately; see below). Captura épicos e impactantes momentos en 135 grados.

Sleek, smooth and simplified, the organic metal body of the LG G5 has a slide-down battery tray. Just keep an extra LG G5 battery on hand, and easily swap out to power up. You can't do that with most similar smartphones. The microSD slot allows for up to 2TB extra storage (microSD cards are sold separately; see one below). Express your creativity, and definitely play more with the LG G5 smartphone.

And, to make the most of your new LG G5, consider these hot accessories available from Verizon:

Charge it up

The LG G5 features the new USB Type C port, set to become the industry standard. One of the great features of USB-C is that you don't have to figure out which way to plug it in -- unlike its USB predecessors, USB-C connects whichever way you try to insert it. There's no right side up or upside down.

Here are a couple of USB-C charging accessories that pair well with your LG G5:

Cargador para auto Verizon con puerto USB-C
Ever had to deal with dwindling phone power on long road trips? That's not a problem with the Verizon Car Charger with USB-C Port.  This car charger restores power to your LG G5 faster than standard chargers. El cargador también admite conector USB 2.0 Power Delivery, lo que maximiza la funcionalidad USB existente al ofrecer mayor potencia a dispositivos compatibles.

Cargador de pared Verizon con puerto USB-C

El cargador de pared Verizon para USB-C también ofrece una carga rápida para tu LG G5.  La unidad de carga cuenta con patas plegables de CA y cable USB-C a USB-C desmontable, lo que lo hace ideal para llevarlo de viaje y poder guardarlo. El indicador LED se ilumina durante la carga y se apaga cuando el dispositivo está completamente cargado.  

More LG G5 pairings

Once you see all your LG G5 can do, you'll want to explore all the available modules and protective coverings. Here are just a few suggestions:

LG CAM Plus for the LG G5

LG CAM Plus** easily attaches to your G5 through the battery slot and features physical buttons for shutter, record, zoom, plus intuitive focus and exposure. Enciende rápidamente la cámara con un botón para no perderte nada. Enfoca tocando levemente y captura al oprimir. An added bonus: LG CAM Plus also provides an additional 1,200mAh battery capacity for longer shooting time. The LG CAM Plus module turns smartphone picture taking into a traditional camera experience.

LG 360 CAM for LG G5

The amazingly compact LG 360 CAM** makes capturing 360-degree images as easy as clicking a button. Designed as a stand-alone camera or a companion to a device such as the LG G5, the LG 360 CAM has two 13MP wide-angle cameras and three 5.1-channel surround-sound microphones. Y el tamaño compacto hace que la LG 360 CAM sea el complemento de viaje ideal. Share projects created with your LG 360 CAM to sites like Google Street View™ and YouTube™ 360°. O, mira tus imágenes de 360 grados en el LG 360 VR u otros dispositivos capacitados para brindar contenido en 360°.

LG TONE PLATINUM™ Bluetooth Stereo Headset

¿Buscas una experiencia de audio verdaderamente especial con Audífonos con micrófono inalámbricos? No busques más, lo que necesitas es el LG TONE PLATINUM™. This fine-quality, around-the-neck, Bluetooth® headset delivers an extraordinary acoustic experience, thanks to Harman Kardon® Platinum Sound and Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, delivering high quality audio over Bluetooth. Experience exceptionally clear voice calling on dual MEMS microphones. Sleek, ergonomic curves provide a premium feel and look. TONE PLATINUM provides up to 10 hours*** of music time, up to 11*** hours of talk time and up to 17.3 days*** of standby time. El tiempo de carga es de menos de dos horas.

Sandisk Ultra Plus Class 10 MicroSD 32GB with full-size SD adaptor

Con Clase 10 en grabación de videos en HD total de 1080P, esta tarjeta trae la velocidad, lo que significa una excelente actuación cada vez que disparas. With faster app loading and smoother app performance, the Ultra Plus Class 10 microSD can handle full HD video, MP3s, apps and more with 32GB of space.+

Flexible Glass Screen Protector for LG G5

If you want premium protection for your LG G5 screen, look no further than the Flexible Glass Screen Protector. This display protector is made of ultra-thin, flexible, scratch-resistant glass, comes with a smudge-proof coating, and is extremely easy to apply. El resultado final es una visualización nítida de la pantalla, sin la incomodidad de las burbujas o el polvo que estorban.

Choose your case

Whether you purchase a case solely for the added protection it provides or view it as a way to give your device a new look, there’s a style to best match your needs.

Quick Cover Case for LG G5
The LG Quick Cover Case expands the usability of your LG G5 without compromising protection or style. An easy snap-on hard-shell case securely attaches to your phone's back, while an attractive folio cover closes over the screen for effective, all-around device protection. Curved design for a sleek appearance and easy handling, with a textured, geometric design for extra grip. An added bonus: the cover also has a window so you can view and manage incoming calls, texts and alerts -- even with the cover closed.

kate spade new york Wrap Case for LG G5

La delgada y elegante carcasa kate spade new york Wrap tiene un estilo increíble y cubre todo tu LG G5.

Crafted of premium Saffiano leather, this wrap case marries function with fashion to give your device the stylish look and reliable protection it deserves. Sporting distinctive, kate spade new york signature gold logo detail.

OtterBox® Defender® for LG G5
Life can be rough - on you and on your LG G5. To help ready it for life's adventures, opt for the OtterBox® Defender®case. Three ultra-tough layers guard your LG G5 against serious drops, dirt, scrapes and bumps. A built-in screen film safeguards against display scratches. And an included holster gives you the quick draw on calls, while providing added protection.

Incipio DualPro® for LG G5                                                                                                  
Get double the protection for your LG G5 with the Incipio DualPro® case. The inner silicone and outer Plextonium™ materials work together to guard your device from damage. This expertly engineered case is constructed of a shock-absorbing core and a rigid, hard-shell frame to tackle daily wear and accidental drops. El innovador diseño híbrido ofrece dos capas de defensa sin agregar mucho volumen a tu dispositivo.

Life is certainly good when you play more, and these are just a few of the many accessories available to help you enjoy your LG G5 to the fullest. Browse the Verizon accessories site for more ideas.


*Devices with Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 technology experience up to 75% faster charging rates. Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ es un producto de Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

**No se incluye el teléfono con el accesorio.

***Actual battery time may vary depending upon network connectivity and application use

+La compatibilidad con los videos en HD total (1920x1080) y videos HD (1280x720) puede variar según el dispositivo anfitrión, el tamaño del archivo, la resolución, la compresión, la tasa de bits, el contenido y otros factores.

G5 es una marca comercial de LG Electronics, Inc.


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