Thrive this back-to-school season with +play.

Healthy habits are particularly important during back to school, setting you up for the year to come. But it turns out the secret to a successful year could be right there in your pocket.  We have some awesome tips on how to navigate your back to school season with educational support available on Verizon +play

With school back in session, it’s the perfect time to access some of our top notch partners on +play, our online platform that centralizes your favorite streaming subscription services. From improving your language skills to learning to calm your mind with meditation, our +play partners make sure you and your family go  back to school with tools you need to succeed.

Up your language skills.

Language is a core component of a well-rounded education.  Duolingo, the world’s #1 education app, helps you learn over 40 languages (such as French, Spanish, German, and many more) in a fun, gamified way. Reach your language-learning goals even faster with Super Duolingo and unlock features designed for an uninterrupted, personalized way to learn.

Learn any time, anywhere. 

Open yourself up to exploring a variety of new and exciting topics alongside incredible instructors with MasterClass. You can learn from 180+ of the world’s best any time, anywhere, whether it's on the morning bus, mid day breaks or at home in the evenings. Cook with Roy Choi, negotiate like a pro with Chris Voss, or make stronger personal connections with Esther Perel. Iconic instructors bring world-class learning to your mobile, tablet, desktop, or Apple TV®.


Descubre funciones exclusivas con Snapchat+

Gear up for an unforgettable back-to-school season with Snapchat+ – the perfect place to preserve memories and lasting connections! Treat your loved ones to the excitement of Snapchat+ on +play, where they'll be the first to access experimental and pre-release features! Customize their app, stay connected to friends, and more!


Estrésate menos. Duerme más. Vive mejor.

Back-to-school stress and anxiety can feel overwhelming. With Calm, you’ll join the millions experiencing the benefits of meditation. Take the stress out of this time of year and find your calm with hundreds of hours of guided meditations, 250+ Sleep Stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises and relaxing music on the #1 app for mental wellness. 

Unlimited reading for less.

So much to learn. So little time. Well  Perlego makes accessing the texts you need a bit easier by partnering with over 8,000 publishers to offer an unrivaled breadth of books for academic study, personal development and leisure. Lee los mejores libros de autores líderes en más de 1,000 temas, desde programación hasta liderazgo empresarial, todo al alcance de tu mano.

Entrena aquí, allí o donde sea.

A sound body can help ensure a more productive life and mind, including the ability to think clearly. With Peloton, you can make your body more sound by working out however, wherever, and whenever you want. From strength-training to stretching, the Peloton App on +play puts everything in your pocket with thousands of classes for at home, at the gym, or on-the-go. No es necesario ningún equipamiento.

Meal prep made easy.

If you want to be a top student, you’ll have to give  your body and brain the fuel it needs to function at its best. With Blue Apron Plus you’ll choose from a menu of 70+ weekly options with easy meal kits delivered to your door. Think home cooking, just without the hard work. Who says back to school time can’t also be delicious? 

Encourage discovery and play.

Even our youngest learners need to go back to school with confidence. That's where ABCmouse comes in, featuring award-winning curriculums in reading, math, science, social studies, art and music, for kids ages 2-8. Plus over 10,000 individual learning activities meant to keep the little ones engaged throughout the year!

Even our youngest learners need to go back to school with confidence. That’s where ABC Mouse  comes in featuring award-winning curriculums in reading, math, science, social studies, art and music. Plus over 10,000 individual learning activities meant to keep the little ones engaged throughout the year. 

Siente el poder de los juegos.

There’s nothing like having a blast while you’re learning.  That’s why Adventure Academy brings key school subjects to life through immersive gameplay in a 3D world. The award-winning curriculums come to life through gaming worlds that engage students in subjects from  science to social studies, art to music and more.

Do storytime differently.

Fun stories are a great way to get kids excited about reading. With the Vooks app, discover storybooks brought to life with beautiful animation, read-aloud narration, engaging music and sound, and read-along text. De camiones a unicornios, de historia a ciencia, ¡hay una historia para cada niño (o cualquiera que se sienta así)!

Entertainment in Spanish for kids.

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the United States. Edye offers a  space with wholesome entertainment in Spanish for preschool children where they can have fun and learn with content selected for them. Enjoy more than 2,500 videos, plus games, activities, e-books, and parent guides created by experts in education and child development.

All this support plus some with +play.

Whether you’re going back to college,  the parent of a little learner or are an educator yourself, these subscriptions through +play on Verizon are  perfect for helping anyone upgrade their back to school experience, from learning a language to starting a meditation practice to reading more. Just remember, you can always access +play to shop and manage these favorites, all in one place. Then  go back to school in style with all  the support your family needs to shine.

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