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Ultimate Ears Megaboom lets you stream music inside — and out

Sleek, colorful and ready for the party


The Ultimate Ears Megaboom is all about quality — from its solid build to its critically acclaimed sonics. Wired calls it “the best battery-powered speaker for almost any mobile application, inside or outside the home.” Buyers shopping for a wireless speaker shouldn’t overlook what Wired went on to call its “new favorite Bluetooth portable."

Here’s a rundown of the Megaboom’s 5 most notable features:

1. Booming sound: Bluetooth speakers have made serious progress in sound quality, and the Megaboom runs at the front of the pack. “The Megaboom is an extremely powerful speaker, with an impressively balanced and full sound signature that outpaces anything we’ve heard before from the company,” Digital Trends writes. Its cylindrical, 360-degree sound design was a favorite among reviewers too. Forbes says the 360-design produces “enough volume to fill a mid-sized room or to power a deck party without distorting.”

2. Bluetooth, done better: “Perhaps most impressive,” Digital Trends writes, is the “highly extended Bluetooth range.” Users who find themselves walking away from their speaker will enjoy the Megaboom’s reach, with the ability to “stray up to 100 feet away from the speaker and still stream audio,” according to CNET. And when someone's on the line, users can answer and hang up calls with the press of a single button before returning to their music.


3. Free companion app: The UE Megaboom app provides a series of features designed to enhance the listening experience. The smartphone app enables alarm capabilities, language options and updates, as well as voice and tap controls. It also allows users to turn the speaker on and off remotely, monitor battery life, invite others within range to connect and suggest songs, and to sync 2 — or even 50 — Megabooms together for full surround sound.

4. Longer-lasting, replaceable battery: Frequent listeners will be happy to hear that the device offers a long-life, 20-hour rechargeable battery, something Forbes says is “unlike most Bluetooth speakers — which essentially become bricks once their integrated battery reaches end of life.” And UE gives users peace of mind with a 2-year limited warranty — “double the usual for wireless speakers.” An included, ultra-fast micro-USB charger returns the speakers to full power in approximately 2 ½ hours.

5. Outdoor-approved: The Megaboom isn’t going scuba diving, but it is built to withstand spills and drops. “The Megaboom is fully IPX7 certified,” Wired says. “That means it’s entirely waterproof — rubber doors on the bottom seal the USB charge port and the 3.5mm input jack — and able to sustain a tumble into the tub or jacuzzi," surviving submersion for up to 30 minutes. 

CNET writes that while the Megaboom "is a really good portable indoor speaker, where it really shines is outdoors." The editors add: "For the amount of sound it produces, you would mistake it for a much larger speaker, and it can cover a pretty wide area, which makes it ideal for pool and patio use."

It's a dependable and versatile speaker built to last. "If you're the sort who frequently seeks outdoor adventure - and a capable speaker to provide the soundtrack - the Megaboom is an outstanding choice," Digital Trends writes.


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