Turning your tablet into an e-reader is easy as one-two-three! 1) Choose your favorite app for reading e-books or e-magazines. 2) Select the right accessories for your tablet to make handsfree reading comfy and convenient. 3) Find the right spot – a coffee shop, your living room, or perhaps the beach.

Voila! Now you can e-read away!

Need some help with Step #2? Not a problem. Read on to learn about some great tablet accessories that can assist you on your e-reading journey.

Estuche tipo billetera con teclado desmontable ZAGG 2.0 para iPad Air 2

Este estuche tipo billetera con teclado cubre prácticamente todas tus necesidades de lectura y visualización electrónicas. Cuenta con modos de video, estuche y libro. En el modo estuche, protege tu tablet contra golpes y rayones. En el modo libro, el teclado y el tablet están protegidos mientras lees. Y en el modo video, puedes poner tu iPad en el ángulo de visualización perfecto para mirar programas o películas en una posición cómoda. Plus it can convert into a keyboard should you need to shoot off a quick message while you're mid-book.

La bisagra del estuche tipo billetera con teclado desmontable 2.0 brinda ángulos de visualización de 135 grados, los mismos que en general se tienen en una laptop. And the battery can last up to two years in between charges, so if you're a frequent reader, you won't have to stop to charge before each e-reading session.*

Bonus feature: Reading on a red-eye flight or in bed after the rest of your family has turned off the lights? No problem – the keyboard features backlit keys so you can still see what you're doing even in low-light situations.

Speck StyleFolio

El Speck StyleFolio es una cubierta y base 2 en 1 que se ajusta a tu dispositivo y tiene una base integrada ajustable. So you can choose the best angle for reading. If you prefer to read sitting upright in a chair or are more in the mood for lounging with the seat reclined, the StyleFolio can accommodate.

Funciones extra: la cubierta de piel sintética es hermosa y el cierre con traba protege tu dispositivo estés donde estés.

Protector de pantalla de vidrio templado

Made of 100% tempered glass, this screen protector will give you stronger protection than the standard, plastic screen protectors.

The special coating and high-grade glass hardness of the Tempered Glass Screen Protector help to prevent most scratches, smudges and fingerprints. Restore your screen to sparkling clarity with just a wipe, so a smudgey screen won't be an issue when you're enjoying the newest bestseller or a classic you've always meant to read.

And the shatter-proof film means that damage to the screen will be kept to a minimum should disaster strike and your phone is dropped.

Bonus feature: It's easy to apply! Once you release the glass, the silicone adhesive does all the work. The Tempered Glass Screen Protector will lie flat for pristine adhesion.

If you're the type who enjoys more than e-reading while on the go, be sure to check out Verizon's full line of mobile tech accessories for travelers.


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