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Verizon April Accessory Buzz: Power Play


Simplify your daily routine and get even more out of your smartphone or tablet with great tech from Verizon. Highly-functional but easy to use, these three accessories provide a smarter, more enjoyable way to go about your daily routine.

The mophie powerstation plus 12000 with Switch-Tip Cable: Portable power with a sleek and striking design.

Looking for a charging solution for both your Apple and micro-USB devices? The mophie powerstation plus 12000 includes both a Lightning and micro-USB connector, making it easier to fuel up your smartphone, tablet and other important accessories. And because of its switch-tip design, you get multiple port options on one helpful cable.

Dual output USB charging ports allow you to charge two devices simultaneously and keep your tech fueled up for when you need it most. On the way to work with a low battery? Get up four complete charges for your smartphone without having to stop and plug into an electrical outlet.* With a slim and striking aluminum finish, the mophie powerstation plus 12000 is a fashionable accessory that fits into backpacks and handbags with ease.

The Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug: A smarter way to manage your home.

Control your home’s lights and appliances, even when you’re out of town. Dial up your Nest Thermostat on your way back from dinner and make things nice and cozy for when you arrive. Schedule your coffee maker to start according to the sunrise. Or make it seem as if you’re home with Away Mode, which turns lights on and off at random intervals. The WeMo Mini Smart Plug gives you a smarter way to manage your home, whether you’re on the couch or out for a family gathering.

Turn on a fan, dim the lamps or play some music: just plug your WeMo Mini Smart Plug into an electrical outlet and then attach the device you want to control to the WeMo. Using your home’s existing Wi-Fi connection, the smart plug works with the free WeMo app to give you a quick and easy way to manage your devices right from your smartphone or tablet. Or go completely hands-free by syncing up your WeMo with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and control your lights and appliances using the sound of your voice.

The Ultimate Ears BLAST + POWER UP: Crisp, powerful music from a lightweight and portable speaker.

Step up your music game without the need for heavy speakers or complicated setups. Fill the entire room with crisp, 360° sound using the UE BLAST. Waterproof,† dustproof and exceptionally compact, these speakers make it easy to bring the party wherever you go. So whether you're out at the pool or entertaining guests at home, you don't need to worry about spilt drinks or rogue splashes ruining you fun.   

Go entirely hands-free with easy-to-use voice control courtesy of Amazon Alexa. Order takeout, check traffic updates or switch playlists from across the room. Even make and receive phone calls on your connected device without having to pause the music. A long-lasting battery keeps the UE BLAST going for up to 12 hours of non-stop music for those times when you're far away from the nearest electrical socket.‡


Charge your favorite accessories, control appliances while you’re away from home or play music from a powerful little speaker that sure to turn a few heads. Whatever you’re looking to do, Verizon has a whole library of great accessories for bringing your tech game to the next level.


*Las cargas adicionales se calculan al comparar la capacidad de mAh de la batería powerstation plus  con la de un iPhone 6s. La duración real de la batería varía según el uso, las configuraciones y las condiciones ambientales.

†Grado de impermeabilidad IP67. Se puede sumergir en hasta 1 m de agua por hasta 30 minutos.

‡La duración real de la batería varía según el uso, las configuraciones y las condiciones ambientales.


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