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Using Call Filter & Call Filter Plus on Android™

(Duración del video: 3:29)

Call Filter, a free service, helps Verizon customers avoid unwanted spam and robocalls. It lets you screen and block spam calls automatically based on risk level. Follow these simple steps to download the Call Filter app and get set up on your Android device.

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*Compatible device running Android 9+ required; features included vary by device. Se requiere la aplicación Call Filter para el bloqueo de spam y otras herramientas de protección contra spam mejoradas. Older devices or OS versions can manage Call Filter on My Verizon. For device eligibility and features, visit

**Call Filter Plus subscription is $3.99/mo for one line or $10.99/mo for 3+ lines. A complex and always-improving algorithm is used to determine which calls match the spam criteria. While we're focused on identifying and alerting you to spam and fraudulent calls, Call Filter's spam detection and block management may inadvertently mislabel or block legitimate callers.

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