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5 distinguishable features of the iPhone X



Apple is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the original iPhone with the release of the iPhone X. A decade in the making, the new iPhone includes a new retina display, a facial identification system and so much more.

Here’s a breakdown of five new features you can find in the iPhone X.

1. Edge-to-edge screen:

The iPhone X screen fills the entire front face of the device, right up to its rounded corners. As a result, CNET reports that the iPhone X’s screen is more than an inch longer diagonally than that of the iPhone 8, even though the devices are roughly the same size.

2. Super Retina display:

At 458 pixels-per-inch, the iPhone X’s OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display has the highest pixel density of any Apple iPhone.

ArsTechnica reviewer Samuel Axon described the screen, which Apple calls “Super Retina,” as the best one he’s ever seen on a smartphone.

"As hard as it is to judge phone displays on a showroom floor, the color balance was lovely," Axon writes. "The blacks were completely black, even while the well-lit parts of photos and videos were bright enough to fight the overhead lighting in the room."

3. TrueDepth front-facing camera:

The iPhone X's front-facing camera utilizes the new TrueDepth system, a set of advanced cameras and sensors that allows you to take better selfies. Using TrueDepth's portrait mode, you can automatically sharpen the focus on your face while blurring the background in the distance.

The TrueDepth system also enables two other core features: Face ID and Animojis.

4. Face ID:

The new Face ID system employs TrueDepth's sensors to read the distinctive qualities of the user's face. As a result, an iPhone X owner can unlock their device just by looking at the screen. You can also unlock the phone by typing in your personal passcode, as an alternative to the facial recognition feature.

5. Animojis:

With the iPhone X, you can create talking, animated emojis that mimic your own words and facial expression. TrueDepth sensors track more than 50 facial muscle movements.

Writing for The Verge, Ashley Carman suggested that Animojis are one of several features that might make the iPhone X especially attractive to young people.

"Apple knows the teens love emoji; they love to talk to their friends on iMessage; they love taking selfies; and supposedly, they love Snapchat, too, especially the AR lenses," Carman said. "The new iPhone X is designed for them."


Of course, these are just a few of the new features that can be found in the iPhone X. Visit verizonwireless.com to learn more.



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