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Top iPhone 6 cases and accessories

Anyone with the latest iPhone will love unwrapping one of these accessories.


If someone you know has an Apple® iPhone® 6 or 6s, gift shopping for them just got easier. Here are our top cases and accessories for the iPhone lovers on your shopping list:

LifeProof® frē®

Why it rocks: Before his phone free falls toward the asphalt (yeah, it’ll happen), make sure it’s protected by the LifeProof Fre. This 6/6s case is drop-proof, fall-in-the-toilet-proof, snowball-fight-proof and sandcastle-building-proof.

Perfect for: The explorer constantly venturing out into the elements.


Why it rocks: She can roll up to her next party, kayaking trip or shower karaoke session with this pint-sized, waterproof speaker. Waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter, it can withstand stains, splashes and her singing. The UE ROLL app on her iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus controls the music from up to 65 feet away.

Perfect for: The life of the party who always has the perfect playlist ready to go.

mophie juice pack® air

Why it rocks: This 6/6s case doubles the battery life with the flip of a switch. That means more chat time for work and movie marathons for play. Flip the switch again to put the case on standby.

Perfect for: The multi-tasker who texts cohorts all morning, and still needs juice for afternoon conference calls and late-night Netflix® sessions.

Fitbit Charge HR™ Heart Rate + Activity Wristband

Why it rocks: This wristband is the sleek mash-up of a pedometer, heartrate monitor and much more. It tracks every move, every day, including calories burned and shut-eye. The Fitbit app also delivers easy-to-read charts, a food log and an exercise diary.

Perfect for: The time-crunched go-getter who needs motivation to work out more efficiently and hit the sheets before midnight.

Beats Solo² On-Ear Headphones

Why it rocks: These foldable headphones look as sharp as they sound. The RemoteTalk™cable means he can change songs and adjust the volume, and it also lets him take calls without even reaching for his iPhone.

Perfect for: The audiophile who likes to listen to music on the go.


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