LG G8 ThinQ

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El LG G8 ThinQ™ te deja interactuar con tu smartphone como nunca antes. La revolucionaria tecnología 3D Depth Sensing usa luces infrarrojas para ofrecer una seguridad superior, mejores selfies y un control manos libres de tu dispositivo. Disfruta un sonido nítido y con rango completo desde un altavoz integrado en la pantalla y un enchufe para audífono con sonido Hi-fi Quad DAC y DTS:X 3D. Delgado, elegante y minimalista, el LG G8 ThinQ tiene un diseño totalmente de vidrio en la parte delantera y trasera y una pantalla de borde a borde para un entretenimiento envolvente. Sácale el máximo provecho con Verizon, la red 4G LTE más grande y confiable del país


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G8 is a great phone to consider vs. S10

Tom R - Hace 6 días

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The LG G8 feels great in the hand and has excellent build quality. I have had mine from the first day it was released and it is smooth and fast. Face ID is awesome and you also have the fingerprint sensor on back which is fast and hand id. 3 ways to unlock the phone! The hands free gesture has limited use and may be kind of gimmicky but is ok for taking calls or manipulating music when your hands are dirty, greasy, or wet. Photos look great as does video and the quad dac audio quality through the headphone jack is amazing and the best out there. The Galaxy S10 is a great phone also but I prefer the LG G8 and think it is a great phone. I do use Nova launcher as I just prefer it over the LG skin but I like the LG wallpaper and the notch does not bother me as it is small anyway. Battery life is excellent. I get 2 full days with normal use from a full charge. I watch youtube videos but not movies on my phone and I am not a gamer.

Get a grip

Marvaanagh - Hace 6 días

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

I love the phone, the camera is excellent, the sound is amazing for video. My only real grip is why no grip at all on the entire phone. I sat it down on a shelf and it slowly wiggled it's own way off to hit the floor. The back is so smooth a fly landed on it and slipped. Would be more of an issue if cases were not practically required. Still baffling design choice when holding your phone is comparable to trying to grip a freshly landed trout