Hack protection, anti-virus and ad blocker for Android and iPhone

Your smartphone stores all sorts of sensitive information, from passwords to contacts to bank account numbers. How do you protect your data from scammers, viruses and hackers? And how can you check for viruses and ensure that ads are blocked on your Androids or iOS device? Verizon can help. Here's a guide to strengthening your phone's security.

Start with Verizon Protect.

One of the easiest things you can do the moment you get a phone or tablet is set up a passcode, facial recognition or fingerprint lock. Then enroll in the Verizon Protect (VZ Protect) program; its features and apps offer built-in protection for your eligible phone and its data. You can enroll a single line or enroll in multi-device coverage for accounts with at least 3 lines (up to 10).

VZ Protect offers a variety of services, from device protection to unlimited, fast cracked-screen repairs and same-day device replacements, to virus protection, identity theft monitoring and call monitoring and filtering for spam calls. All of these benefits work together to provide you with the most comprehensive device protection plan Verizon has to offer.

With Verizon Protect, you get access to the following benefits, available for select smartphones and subject to parts availability:

  • Reemplazo y configuración del dispositivo el mismo día1
  • Unlimited, fast cracked screen repair for $29 each time you need it2
  • Reemplazo de la batería en un centro de reparaciones autorizado de Verizon3
  • Identifica números desconocidos; controla las llamadas no deseadas4
  • WiFi security, Monitor for ID theft and malicious content5

Also included is access to live, on-demand Tech Coach Support experts who can answer virtually any question about your devices. Verizon Protect is not available in New York or for New York customers.

You can sign up during open enrollment periods or within 30 days of either:

  • Purchasing and activating a new eligible device on a new/existing line


  • Bringing your own device, so long as it’s functioning without damage, lost or stolen (and is activated on a new line)

Rest easy with these 4 Verizon apps.

The My Verizon app tracks important account details such as data usage, bill review, on-demand support and plan changes. And there’s another key benefit to the My Verizon app: suspend service.

Suspend service is useful if your device is missing or stolen. It allows you to temporarily suspend your account and prevent unauthorized usage and charges by blocking network access and activation on any Verizon Wireless account. Should you find your phone, reconnecting service is easy.

Suspend service can also be used if you go on military leave, make long-term travel plans or have an illness and don’t need your phone for some time.

The Digital Secure app offers antivirus, anti-malware, anti-spyware and identity theft protection services. It scans incoming data and gives you a full-screen warning if a virus is detected, allowing you to delete or uninstall a file or app. Digital Secure also reviews apps and rates them based on your data exposure so you can choose to continue using it or remove it.  

Additionally, Digital Secure warns you about scams and malicious activity on websites and monitors privacy/reputation risks on social media. Alerts notify you about connections to unprotected networks or compromised Wi-Fi networks that can potentially be hack risks. The service also provides a virtual private network (VPN) for more secure Wi-Fi connections.

Finally, Digital Secure helps guard personal information (such as credit card details) from being sold or traded online by providing cyber monitoring and step-by-step guidance to identity theft recovery.

The Call Filter app screens incoming calls, blocks spam and more. If there’s an unknown incoming number, it gives it a name and a spam risk meter rating. Plus, Call Filter tells you if a caller is a robocall or potential fraud. You can send those spam numbers right to voicemail or block them altogether (including international numbers). If a call slips through, it’s easy to report the number or other unwanted numbers and have them added to your spam list.  

The Tech Coach app supplies personalized expert technical support with just one click or phone call. You can get live, US-based expert support for your device and virtually anything it connects to.6

Comienza hoy.

Hackers don't wait to access data - and you shouldn't wait to protect it, either. Verizon's extensive security and protection offerings help keep your personal info under lock and key. To access services such as Digital Secure and Call Filter, tap on "Account," then "Add-ons" and then "essentials" to find the "Device Protection" section.

1 Visit phoneclaim.com/verizon to check eligibility and repair options available in your area, which are subject to change.  

2 Eligibility is contingent on certain criteria including claim approval time; eligibility determined at time of claim approval.    

3 Provided under the VZW Extended Warranty program; select locations. En Florida, la batería de reemplazo se proporciona conforme al programa de seguro (se aplican deducibles por el dispositivo de reemplazo y límites de reclamaciones).

4 Compatible device required; features included vary by device. Se requiere la aplicación Call Filter para el bloqueo de spam y otras herramientas de protección contra spam mejoradas.

5 OS restrictions apply. Los smartphones y las tablets habilitadas para la red deben tener Android 4.4 o iOS 11 o posterior. Digital Secure app download required. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the US and other countries and is used under license.

6 The Tech Coach app collects data from the user's device to facilitate certain Tech Coach services, including but not limited to the Tap-to-Call, Tap-to-Chat, and device optimization and insights functionalities. Estos datos se usan únicamente para los servicios de Tech Coach. Ve los términos de servicio de Tech Coach para conocer todos los detalles. El dispositivo debe estar encendido y dentro del área de cobertura de la red de datos de Verizon Wireless para que funcione la aplicación Tech Coach. Se aplica el uso de datos para descargar y utilizar la aplicación. Las funcionalidades de autoayuda y asistencia proactiva están disponibles sin ningún cargo para los dispositivos elegibles.

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