Device protection explained: Is my device covered?

Even the best-quality cases can’t always prevent a cracked smartphone screen, faulty battery or broken touchscreen. In fact, two-thirds of smartphone owners reported damaging their phones in the last year, resulting in more than $3.4 billion spent on repairs.

A device protection plan can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses associated with repairing or replacing a lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning smartphone. Check out this quick guide to see which Verizon device protection option is right for you.

Why should I get device protection?

Device protection is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a new device, and it can provide peace of mind in the event your device is lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning. Customers hoping to avoid costly repairs for common types of damage like a cracked screen or water exposure will want to consider enrolling in Verizon Protect or Total Mobile Protection.

Verizon’s most comprehensive device protection option, Verizon Protect1 offers device protection, security and technical support.  It provides coverage for loss, theft, damage (including liquids) and post-warranty defects.  

Boost phone protection with an extended warranty

The following benefits are available for select smartphones, subject to parts availability:

  • Same-day device replacement and setup
  • Unlimited cracked screen repairs for $29 each time you need it3
  • Fast battery replacement at a Verizon-authorized repair facility4

For the above benefits, eligibility will be determined at the point of claim.

Verizon Protect also includes these security features:

  • Security and privacy; protection from online threats and malicious content5
  • Seguridad y privacidad Wi-Fi6
  • Monitoreo de robo de identidad
  • Identifica números desconocidos; controla las llamadas no deseadas

In addition, it includes access to Tech Coach experts who can answer virtually any tech question.  

Offered at $17 or $14 monthly per device (depending on type) or $50 per month for account-based coverage, Verizon Protect can be added for all of your eligible devices within 30 days of activation or upgrade. 

Another great device protection option is Total Mobile Protection (TMP). You'll get all of the device protection and tech support benefits of Verizon Protect, but not the 4 security features.

Total Mobile Protection is offered at $12 or $15 per month for a single device (depending on type) or $45 per month for account-based coverage.

Help fix a cracked screen with device protection

What is a Verizon Extended Warranty?7

Typically, manufacturers provide a warranty that covers mechanical or electrical defects for a period of time (usually 1 year from the date of purchase). If you decide you want coverage for mechanical or electrical defects after your manufacturer's warranty expires, you can pay to extend it. If you think this coverage is what you need, Verizon Extended Warranty is the option for you. Verizon Extended Warranty is $5 per month, per device. For New York customers, an extended warranty is $3.90 or $4.15, depending on the device.

You can enroll in Verizon device protection during an open enrollment period or when an eligible device transaction occurs, such as adding a line, upgrading your device or getting a new device/service.

Insurance plans typically include a deductible ($9–$249 for Verizon plans) and limit how many claims a user can file in 1 year. It’s also important to ask about replacement times, which can vary widely. All of Verizon’s device protection plans include as soon as same-day replacement and setup or next-day replacement depending on enrollment. 

Why should I get device protection?

Device protection is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a new device, and it can provide peace of mind in the event your device is lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning.

The final verdict.

If you’re still unsure whether a device protection plan is worth the investment, think about how much you depend on your device.  If a worst-case scenario happens, are you willing to gamble the cost of a new phone to save a few dollars a month?  If not, compare Verizon Device Protection plans to find the right coverage for you.

1 Verizon Protect is not available in NY. 

2 Available for eligible devices in select locations, both of which are subject to change at any time. La disponibilidad del reemplazo y de la configuración de los dispositivos en el mismo día depende de ciertos criterios, entre los que se incluyen el tiempo de aprobación de la reclamación, la ubicación y la disponibilidad de técnicos.

3 Available for eligible devices in select locations, both of which are subject to change at any time. La disponibilidad de la reparación en el mismo día depende de criterios como el tiempo de aprobación de la reclamación y la disponibilidad del técnico. Las reparaciones son realizadas por un técnico certificado por Asurion e incluyen una garantía de 12 meses. Visita para verificar la elegibilidad del dispositivo actual.

4 Battery replacement and other post-warranty malfunctions are provided under the Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty program, and are available in select locations. En Florida, el programa de seguro provee la cobertura de reemplazo de la batería (se aplican el deducible de reemplazo del dispositivo y un límite por reclamo).

5 Compatible device required; features included vary by device. Se requiere la aplicación Call Filter para el bloqueo de spam y otras herramientas de protección contra spam mejoradas.

6 OS restrictions apply. Los smartphones y las tablets habilitadas para la red deben tener Android 4.4 o iOS 11 o posterior. Se requiere la descarga de la aplicación Digital Secure.

7 Verizon Wireless Extended Warranty (EW) program is not available in Florida. En Florida, la cobertura de defectos post-garantía es proporcionada por el programa de seguros (WPP); se aplican un límite de reclamos y un deducible para reemplazo de dispositivos. Visit to check eligibility and the repair options. All options may not be available in all locations; repair options are presented at the time of claim approval, subject to parts availability. Las opciones de cumplimiento varían según la ubicación y disponibilidad. Your account must have 3 eligible lines to be enrolled in TMP Multi-Device's account-based coverage.

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