Sign in to My Verizon for headache-free, seamless control over your account. Making adjustments to your plan at any time couldn't be easier.

Want to add cloud storage to your account, bump up your data allowance, change your number or add a service such as Verizon Roadside Assistance? It's all too easy to do from your favorite Internet browser when you sign in to My Verizon.

Why use My Verizon? 

The benefits of having an account are many, including having the ability to make adjustments to your plan any time of day, whenever you have access to the Internet. 

To get started, you need to register for a My Verizon account.

Change your calling plan

To discover all of the options available to you or get additional information about changing your plan, check out this video or read the FAQs. When you're ready to change your plan, you can modify your minutes, text or data allowances with just a few clicks.

Calling plan tip

Are you facing overage charges during the current billling cycle? You may be able to increase the appropriate allowances and then backdate your plan changes to eliminate the overage charges. It works in the reverse too. You can reduce your data plan if you haven't used what you anticipated.

Cambia tu número telefónico

If you ever need to change your phone number - or just want to - My Verizon can get you fixed up and moved to new digits without a hassle. 

You can get a new local number, get a number in a new location if you're moving, or even use an existing number from a different wireless carrier or landline. 

Change your features and services 

Smartphones do more than calling, texting and connecting you to the Internet, and the Verizon Wireless family of features reflects that fact. If you need to adjust, add or remove options such as online storage, ringtones and more, the process is straightforward when you watch this simple video. There, you'll find all of the options currently associated with your account, along with information about other features you may want to include. Add Roadside Assistance, remove a Ringback Tone or set up Caller ID Blocking. All this and more is in your control when you use My Verizon.