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Preguntas frecuentes sobre datos adicionales

Información general

  1. What is bonus data, and how does it work?

    Bonus data is extra data you can earn through certain promotions we offer from time to time. Bonus data is automatically added to your account when you complete the tasks required to earn the data.

    Por ejemplo:

    • Buy a new Verizon Wireless tablet and receive 1 GB of extra data
    • Take a survey on a restaurant's website and get 50 MB of data

    Bonus data is added to your account on top of your base monthly data allowance and is used before your base monthly allowance. If you're on a shared data plan and have bonus data remaining at the end of your bill cycle, it carries over to the next month as Carryover data.

    You're eligible for bonus data if you have:

    All lines on your account share bonus data, even though some mobile numbers on the account don't qualify for a promotion, offer or reward.

    Note: Bonus data can only be used for standard monthly data service. Prepaid accounts aren't eligible. Bonus data is for domestic data usage only. Bonus data has no cash value, isn't returnable or refundable and may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash. Bonus data isn't transferable and won't be prorated. If you get bonus data and cancel your account, the bonus doesn't carry over to your new plan and is forfeited.

    *Estos planes ya no están disponibles para agregar a tu cuenta.


  2. What types of unused data make up Carryover Data on the new Verizon Plan?

    The following types of unused data will make up your Carryover Data each month:

    • Datos adicionales
    • Monthly plan allowance
    • Datos de regalo
    • Data Boost
    • Unused overage (if Safety Mode isn't active)

    Learn more at our Carryover Data FAQs.

  3. How much bonus data can I add to my account?

    You can have a maximum of 11 bonus data offers on your account in any given month. After you add 11 offers to your account, you won't be able to accept additional offers and they'll be forfeited. Which plans are eligible for bonus data?


  4. Where can I see how much bonus data I have?

    You can view your bonus data on your device with the new My Verizon app or online in My Verizon.

    • The My Verizon app: The Data Hub will show you how much bonus data you have available. If you don't have any available, the bonus data section won't appear.

    • My Verizon: Go to the My Usage page. If you have bonus data left, you'll see a Bonus Data section on the right side showing how much is available. If you don't have any available, the bonus data section won't appear.

  5. Will I receive a usage alert when my bonus data is almost gone?

    No, you won't receive usage alerts for bonus data. Usage alerts only apply to your base monthly data allowance.

  6. How long does bonus data last?

    The duration of bonus data can vary depending on the offer. Go to the My Usage page in My Verizon to see when your bonus data expires. 

  7. Do overage charges apply to bonus data?

    No. Overage rates only apply to your plan monthly data allowance.

  8. Can I use bonus data to cover already existing overages on my account?

    No, bonus data is only applicable for future data usage and cannot be applied to accrued data charges or overages on your Verizon Wireless account. Adding bonus data will not prevent Verizon from billing overages to your account.

  9. I was supposed to get bonus data, but I'm not seeing it in My Verizon. ¿Qué debería hacer?

    Only Account Owners and Account Managers can view the promotion details.

    If you're an account owner and the bonus data offer was from Verizon Wireless, please click the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives. If the offer was from another company, please contact that company's customer service department.