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4 best features of Android Marshmallow

It's big, fluffy and sweet. Oh, and here are some actual things you should know about the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.


Mmm … Marshmallow. Grab a stick and find a seat close to the campfire—here’s s’more on the latest Android OS: 6.0 Marshmallow.

For starters, there are a handful of minor tweaks. With Marshmallow, Android says it has improved the overall performance of apps and device memory, resulting in a better transition between apps. When typing, you'll find new undo and redo buttons. And you can more easily adjust how loud music and notifications are with your volume keys.

But there are a few bigger features unveiled with Marshmallow that are worth a closer look.


Get relevant info faster

Now on Tap is a new feature that anticipates the information you may need based on what you're doing. To use it, you simply hold the Home button.

The feature offers info and shortcuts depending on the content of your screen. For example, if you're messaging friends about dinner and they mention a restaurant, holding the Home button will bring up shortcuts to reviews of the restaurant, Google Maps for directions and the restaurant's phone number in case you need to call ahead.


Go longer with more efficient battery use

Marshmallow can make your phone’s battery last longer between charges.

App Standby prevents apps that aren't regularly used from draining your battery. For example, it can keep an app from accessing your cellular network if the app isn't actually doing anything.

Doze puts your phone to sleep when it's not being used. The feature will not activate if your phone is moving (in your pocket) or being charged, so it's mostly useful for when you fall asleep and forget to plug your phone in (don't worry, your alarm will still go off), or if you leave it on your desk at work for several hours.

Simplifica la seguridad

Fingerprint security is built into the Android OS with Marshmallow. This means you can use your fingerprint to unlock your phone (if it has a fingerprint scanner), and if it falls into the wrong hands, your information will stay locked. You can also set it to require your fingerprint to confirm purchases made with your phone.

Fingerprint unlocking is not only safer, but it’s easier than having to type your password every time you pick up your phone or download an app from Google Play™. Just place your finger on your device’s scanner for a moment.


Keep apps in their place

Last but not least is the ability to better control app permissions.

With Marshmallow, you can control exactly what your apps can or can't access by visiting the Apps section of your device's Settings menu. So if you decide you don't want your group messaging app to have access to your location at all times, it won't.

Whenever you download a new app, you’ll also see a more detailed list of the different parts of your phone the app is requesting access to.


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