Every September Apple takes the stage to unveil the latest and greatest in their iPhone lineup (as well as the newest Apple Watch, iPads, AirPods, just to name a few). And every fall we are left wondering if we should stick with what they have or upgrade. It’s hard to know if the latest features are really worth all the hype or if they are just gift-wrapped versions of the same old. 

This year’s iPhone 11 came with several wow factors that are making fans stop and take a second look. Maybe it’s the extended battery life, the new colorway or the OLED screen. Or maybe you’ve been a home button loyalist (you know who you are iPhone 8 lovers) and it’s finally time to get on board with Face ID technology. Or maybe the triple camera has piqued your interest. Whatever your reason for making the jump to the 11, here are a few of the most popular reasons people are loving the new iPhone 11. 

Reason 1: The iPhone 11’s new colors

Yes, Anthony, color is everything (wink wink, Fleabag fans).

It’s not enough to simply have a smartphone with top-of-the-line processing speeds. Yup, Apple’s A13 chip outranked the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor in speed tests, efficiency, battery life and more. But to really be one of the cool kids on the block, you’ll need a sleek phone in a chill color. While the iPhone X took Apple into the 21st century with an edge-to-edge screen, Face ID technology and wireless charging capabilities, it’s the rainbow of colors that have many iPhone fans ditching traditional Silver and Space Gray in favor of Purple, Yellow and Green. 

The new iPhone colors for review

Apple released 6 brightly-colored iPhone XRs back in 2018, but if you want something a bit more zen, the iPhone 11’s colorway is where it’s at. Available in an array of pastel shades, the well-priced iPhone 11 comes in Colorado-Rocky-Mountain-top White, lollipop Red, mellow Yellow, pastel Purple, minty Green and, of course, never-out-of-style Black. These new milky shades along with the lower price point almost make up for the fact that this model has 2 cameras while the 11 Pro and Pro Max have 3. And that brings us to reason number 2, the camera!

Reason 2: iPhone 11’s upgraded camera system.

The real reason you want to upgrade. 

We use our phone cameras to capture the special moments and everything in between (you know who you are, you latte-snapping, dog-portrait-taking, VSCO-loving social exhibitionist). When considering an upgrade, you probably put the camera near the top of your list. And if it isn't, it really should be.

2019’s iPhone 11 camera setup hands-down beats all previous iPhone cameras — even the iPhone XR. There, it’s been said. You can argue amongst yourselves over that one. But there’s no arguing with the 11’s Night Mode shooting, 2 (or 3 depending on the model) rear cameras and 12 MP front-facing camera that makes even your pre-coffee selfie look phenomenal. (Okay, that might be a slight over-exaggeration). And several other camera upgrades from previous models make it, as Apple says, “a whole lot harder to take a bad photo.” 

The newly-redesigned iPhone camera system now features an Ultra-Wide camera to capture beyond the frame. And when you want to get the perfect shot of little Jimmy blowing out his birthday candles, Night Mode optimally illuminates your subject without washing him out with flash. For those that go for the gusto with the Pro or Pro Max, the triple camera features 2x optical zoom, up to 10x digital zoom and dual optical image stabilization - all extras that come in handy when shooting from the sidelines. But the upgrades didn't stop with the camera. Apple added several cool features to the 11's video capabilities that make video reason number 3.

Understanding the new iPhone features

Reason 3: The iPhone 11’s video, so much more than slofies.

In case you missed them, the iPhone 11’s new video features are a pretty big deal.

It wasn’t just the camera systems that saw big upgrades with the release of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple applied outstanding software-based 4K video stabilization across all cameras, front and back.  And as if that wasn’t enough, for the first time in iPhone history all cameras shoot 4K 60 fps. If you’re not sure what all of that jargon means, just check out this video shot and edited on the iPhone 11 Pro. Action shots, night shots and more are no problem. And with even easier editing features you can shoot and edit video as effortlessly as you do photos. 

Watch your latest creative masterpiece on the Pro's OLED display. New display technology is reason number 4 for upgrading your iPhone.

Reason 4: iPhone 11’s displays—LCD and OLED like never before.

Just when you thought iPhone’s display couldn’t get any better, it did. 

iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone with an edge-to-edge display and Face ID, but Apple didn’t stop improving display quality there. While the iPhone 11 uses the same LCD tech available in the iPhone XR display, the Pro and Pro Max deliver superior OLED screen technology. Just like on your big-screen TV with all it’s hard-to-beat, true-to-life color capabilities, Apple has now put this cutting-edge tech in the palm of your hand. 

Sure, the Liquid Retina LCD display on the 11 base model is outstanding, with rich blacks, vibrant colors and contrast. But if you’re planning on watching a lot of movies on your phone or downloading any of the 100+ new games offered with Apple Arcade, then you may want to consider picking up either the Pro or the Pro Max. 

Both the Pro and Pro Max have OLED displays that offer unparalleled cinema-grade picture quality. Sharp, nuanced visuals with superior contrast between light and dark areas that make playing your favorite games or watching the latest Star Wars movies a true in-theater experience. And if “the best contrast ratio of any current display type” isn’t enough, consider the extra battery life you get with an OLED display. Because an OLED display isn’t backlit, it uses significantly less power and can work to extend your device’s battery life. And, you guessed it, battery life is reason number 5 for upgrading to one of the 11s. 

iphone 11 screen

Reason 5: iPhone 11’s better battery.

Longer battery life, heck yes!

Yes, of course, battery life is one of the top reasons to upgrade to the 11. Who doesn't want longer battery life? No one appreciates switching to battery saver mode halfway through the workday. Every September iPhone fans can count on Apple to deliver more battery life. This year they didn't just deliver a slight increase, they gifted hours of extra usage time. OK, so maybe not on all models. But whether you're upgrading to the base model from last year's XS or XR or springing for a Pro model, you'll definitely see an improvement in battery functionality.

While the 11 has about an hour of additional battery life over the XR, Apple touts up to 4 hours of additional battery life with the Pro and Pro Max.¹ They weren't exaggerating when they said all-day battery life, really. The battery in all 3 iPhone models will definitely last you until bedtime.

iPhone 11 is worth the upgrade. 

Apple's 2019 roll out of the new iPhone 11 came with some serious upgrades to some favorite features. Tech lovers won't be disappointed with the newest additions to this already fab phone.

Don’t wait to find out if you’re eligible for an upgrade. If you want more information on how to find the best iPhone deal, which features to look for and when to trade in, then check out the Annual iPhone release tips and tricks. Or go to myverizon.com for details on plans, pricing and more. 

1 Todas las afirmaciones acerca de la batería dependen de la configuración de la red y muchos otros factores; el resultado real puede variar. La batería tiene ciclos de recarga limitados y podría ser necesario reemplazarla por parte de un proveedor de servicios Apple. La duración de la batería y los ciclos de carga varían según el uso y las configuraciones. Visita apple.com/batteries y apple.com/iphone/battery.html para obtener más información.