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The BlackBerry you loved, back and better than ever

BlackBerry® phones, including the BlackBerry® Classic, are packed with features to help you be more productive.


When you think “BlackBerry,” more than likely you think “keyboard.” Back in the day, BlackBerry phones made their mark on smartphone design with a physical QWERTY keyboard that made typing on a phone almost as easy as typing on a computer. And if you’ve never warmed to typing on a glass touchscreen, you’ll be pleased that the new BlackBerry Classic brings back that famous keyboard. With its satisfyingly tactile buttons, the Classic also brings back great shortcuts, such as hitting “C” to compose a new message or “T” to create a new task.

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Toggle less, message more

Instead of having to switch between different apps for all of your texts, Facebook® messages, emails, voicemails and tweets, BlackBerry® Hub collects all of your incoming communication in a single view so you can respond without having to jump around. Thanks to Flow navigation, when you’re playing a game on your BlackBerry Classic, you can glance at BlackBerry Hub with a swipe from any app without having to close it.

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Become besties with BBM™

BlackBerry® Messenger, like Hub, is designed with smooth and seamless communication in mind. Socialites will love BBM for almost-instant-messaging and group-chat abilities. (The BBM app is now available for Android™ and iOS devices, so your whole crew can join in the fun.) And the more business-minded will enjoy using BBM Video with BlackBerry Natural Sound to make conversations as clear as if you’re in the room together. You can also create, view, edit, present and share Microsoft® Word, Excel® and PowerPoint® files within BBM.


Get innovative smartphone features

Time Shift—an amazing camera feature on the BlackBerry Classic—captures the moment just before you actually take a photo. So if someone blinks the second you snap it, you can shift the image back to get that perfect moment.

Another great feature includes BlackBerry® Balance, which separates your work and personal lives into two separate accounts (for phones enrolled in Enterprise Service). Just swipe on the application panel to switch from calling clients to calling your mom.

A universe of apps is also at your fingertips with BlackBerry® World and the Amazon® App Store—so you won’t lose any of your Instagram followers by switching over to the Blackberry Classic. (In fact, you might gain some more with its 8 MP camera—the same megapixels as the iPhone® 6‘s camera.) And you might be surprised to hear it, but the BlackBerry® Browser is among the fastest on any mobile device.

The latest BlackBerry models should give you all the productivity and power you need to make the most of every day, without having to give up any of your favorite smartphone features.


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